A different type of pitch for this PR guy

Pictures 060 Thanks to freelance publicist extraordinaire Greg Schmalz, this blogger had the opportunity to throw out the ceremonial first pitch at last Friday night's Lakewood BlueClaws game.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but to a guy who grew up loving all things baseball, it was huge. I'd even call it a bucket list kind of thing.

It was unbelievably cool to take the mound in front of 7,200 fans (most of whom had naturally turned out to see the heralded RepMan's pitching debut). And, I need to thank Tommy Powers, the David Clyde of credit unions, for warming me up prior to my big moment.

Once given the ball, I'm pleased to report that I grooved a high, hard one right down Broadway and smack into the catcher's mitt. In fact, I think I spied a feint puff of dust explode from his mitt as a result of the ball's impact. And, like a crack addict, once I'd thrown one pitch, I needed to throw more. Lots more. I was ready to toss seven or eight strong innings had the BlueClaws felt the need to call upon the skills of a crafty, veteran lefty. Alas, no such summons was forthcoming and I dutifully returned to my seat in the stands.

Now that I've thrown out the first pitch in a professional baseball game, I need to move on to new, and even cooler, challenges. Maybe Sir Paul McCartney needs a stand-up comedian to open for him on his next tour? Maybe not.

26 thoughts on “A different type of pitch for this PR guy

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  2. That sounds right. And you did bear a striking resemblance to Pierce Brosnan at the time, F. Lately, you’ve started to take on more of a Sir Sean Connery look and feel. Still as ruggedly handsome as ever, though.

  3. Not a surprising guess but incorrect. We can actually date the approximate purchase date of The Jerseys because it was right after you (and I believe Ed) had seen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoldenEye (which has a listed release date of 11/17/95).
    One of you had made a joke that Pierce Brosnan and I had the same walk and therefore my Jersey had to be 007. I suggested a compromise that my # be simply “7” and so it was…

  4. I can vouch for the existence of at least one more Peppercom Jersey. Do you remember what # you insisted I take?

  5. Brian, I hereby challenge you to a one pitch, mano-a-mano, winner-take-all Juggs gun competition. The fastest pitcher gets his pick of the latest, greatest CofC merchandise. You down with that?

  6. I threw out the first pitch a few years ago at a College of Charleston men’s baseball game. Alas, this aging lefty short-hopped home plate. I still want a do-over.

  7. Thanks Stein. I blame that meltdown on a partially blind ump and a totally unsupportive catcher otherwise known as Coach Zanzal.

  8. Med guy, if you had thrown out the first pitch, an imaginary batter would have knocked it over the fence. You still hold the single season softball record for most gopher balls allowed.

  9. rep- wondering why i didnt get the call to pitch- they must not have know about my pcom days on the mound…

  10. Wow Rep, good for you. I’m guessing Schmalz didn’t tell them about your little eleven-run sixth inning debacle on the mound for the PepperCommandos?

  11. Thanks Lunch. The Claws had people dressed up as three different types of cheese run around the outfield in some sort of in-between innings stunt. I believe the Swiss cheese won.

  12. very cool and congrats for taking another item off of the list, Rep. anything you can tell me about whether or not the BlueClaws have any type of food gimmick at the park? just wondering…

  13. Thanks Frank. They are quite fetching if I do say so myself. That said, they’re not in the same class as yours.

  14. Appreciate that, Matt. Sadly, there is no video of the legendary pitch. I like that, though. It makes ‘THE PITCH” all the more mythic. In fact, it’s rapidly becoming a modern day equivalent to the home run that Babe Ruth supposedly ‘called’ in the 1932 World Series against the Cubs. You’ll just have to imagine the dust popping from the suitably impressed catcher’s mitt.

  15. Those Peppercom baseball jerseys are a one of a kind item, bookandbloggeek. If memory serves, Debrah Hussey, our first receptionist and a crack account executive to boot, ordered jerseys for Ed, me, herself and Karen Cleeve, our other original employee. There are no other original Peppercom jerseys. Just imagine what they’ll be worth on eBay one day.

  16. Steve, nice form. sound mechanics. The crowd (wow, big turnout for the ‘Claws) must have been impressed with your stuff. But, where’s the video? i want to hear the sound of the ball hitting the mitt and the roar of the crowd!

  17. I believe re-rake is a word and am glad you cleared that up. I also neglected to mention the awesome jersey you are wearing. Where would one get one of those?

  18. Very perceptive of you, bookandbloggeek. The groundskeeper wouldn’t allow me to set foot on the mound since he’d have to re-rake it. Is re-rake a word?

  19. That is great RepMan; however, are you standing at Little League depth in terms of you to homeplate. I don’t see the mound! Haha. Thank goodness you didn’t Rick Ankiel it!