And, now, it’s on to Mother Russia and let’s win there

This Sunday, Chris “Repman, Jr.”, Cody and I leave on a two-week trip to Russia. Our goal is to
Elbrus-map summit Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus. If successful, it will enable us to lay claim to having bagged two of the world’s ‘Seven Summits.’ We celebrated New Year’s Eve 2007 on the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, and hope to top out on Elbrus on August 3rd.

‘Kili’ was a beast, and Elbrus looks to be no easier. At 18,481 feet, it’s Europe’s highest point. It’s a double-coned volcano that is wrapped in ice and snow (which, if nothing else, will provide a welcomed break from this horrific hazy, hot and humid weather we’ve been experiencing for the last month or so).

In addition to the climb, we’ll be touring St. Petersburg and Moscow (and, possibly, ducking stray bullets and mortar shells from irate Chechnyan rebels).

As I’ve done on my previous trips abroad, I’ll be asking locals their views on the image and reputation of the U.S. (being careful not to offend any irate Chechnyan rebels in the process). This is my first big trip abroad since Obama assumed office, so it will be interesting to see if, as was the case with his predecessor, I hear the locals say something to the effect, “We love Americans. We just hate your President.” Most Tea Party members, Evangelicals and Glenn Beck fans would probably say the same thing.

I hope to file at least one blog from the former Soviet Union if the vagaries of wireless connection enable me to do so. If not, Repman readers will be blessed by content provided by a host of able and willing guest bloggers who have volunteered to fill the void (however miniscule said void may be).

And, so I end by paraphrasing the final, immortal words of Senator Robert F. Kennedy: “And, now, it’s on to Mother Russia and let’s win there.”

18 thoughts on “And, now, it’s on to Mother Russia and let’s win there

  1. Please. Da, I’ve discovered that English isn’t even a tertiary language in St. Petersburg. Nor are the words “air conditioning.

  2. Have fun Steve! My husband and I were in Russia last spring and found Russians to be very accommodating and helpful. Just be aware that most don’t speak English at all which made it challenging to get around and order food. I’m sure you’ll return with amazing pictures – we definitely did.

  3. Good stuff, Ken. Thanks. I was, naturally, referring to RFK’s last public words, given at the podium of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, moments before his assassination.”

  4. Actually, RFK’s last words were alleged to have been “Is everyone else all right?” Even after being shot, in his last moments of consciousness, Bobby was concerned for others.

  5. Here’s a tip I learned from a friend who toured Russia and couldn’t figure out how the locals could figure out he was American (he didn’t speak, he wore European clothing, and European shoes). He finally asked someone what gave him away. The answer? The way he walked! Americans have a much more open walk than others, apparently – so “keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.”

  6. Actually, Lorraine Hook has already loaned me her Brouillard hunter green seat cushion for the long plane ride. Those babies were battled tested during the interminable fortnight I spent entertaining clients and prospects alongside Sir James at the U.S. Open.

  7. LOL! I should have loaned you my Brouillard hunter green sweatshirt (100 percent polyester) to stave off the cold air.

  8. Good luck and safe travel to you and Jr. Will look forward to astute blogging while away from the subs and a totally rejuvenated RepMan blog upon your return.

  9. Good luck on the trip, Rep and Rep Jr. If you could, I’d love a photo or two of some lunches enjoyed while there.

  10. Safe travels to you and Chris! Looking forward to hearing what I’m sure are going to be very interesting stories. Remember – run in a zig-zag pattern whenever being chased. (I believe this holds true for Chechynans as well as wildlife.)