Lovely to see you again, my friend

Hundreds, if not thousands, of souls have toiled at Peppercom over the years. Reunion-full

Now, as we mark our 15th anniversary, we pay homage to the past with our first alumni event. It's scheduled for Tuesday, October 19th, from 6-8pm at the decidedly downscale, yet strangely appropriate, Desmond's Tavern 433 Park Ave. South, between 29th and 30th streets.

Those of you who have re-connected with us at the Peppercom Alumni LinkedIn site can obtain additional information- i.e. what we'll pay for, what you'll be stuck paying for, Ed's choice of wardrobe for the event, the location of stairwells for those of you who used them at Peppercom for nefarious purposes, etc.

Our alumni have pursued myriad career paths since departing. Some have become full-time moms. Others have become landscape architects or teachers. And, yes, one has even become a bellicose medical supply executive. We don't care what path you've chosen, just beat one to the front door of Desmond's on the appointed date and hour.

So, whether you were with us at the beginning a la Efrem Luigi Epstein, worked endless hours during the frenzied dotcom days a la Dominic Albanese, suffered through the dotcom bust a la Stacy Calder, staggered through the Great Recession a la Coach Zanzal or simply packed up your tent and went to a smaller start-up a la Stein, you'll be welcomed back with open arms (as long as you bring your own credit cards, that is).

As The Moody Blues sang, “It'll be lovely to see you again, my friend.”

7 thoughts on “Lovely to see you again, my friend

  1. Congratulations to you, ED and the Peppercom Team for your longevity and success. Well done and well deserved.

  2. glad to see there is a date…now, I gotta make it work. will there be some Ed’s cheese wheels served?

  3. Have fun all! Will be thinking of you and reliving old P’com stories from abroad. I guess I fall (or will fall) into the full-time mom category for now. Enjoy…