Marching to our own beat

FifteenLove us or hate us, Peppercom has always marched to the beat of a different drum. We've never emulated other midsized PR firms. And, lord knows, we wouldn't want to copy any of the practices of large firms. So, whether it's our service offerings, workplace culture or even holiday cards, we do things very differently.

In the good old days, we'd create radically different holiday mailers that clients, prospects and friends alike told us they kept as mementos. More recently, in this politically correct, ‘everything-must-be-green-or-else’ world in which we live, we've created holiday videos. Some have hit the mark, others not quite so. But, each has attempted to capture our unique, if occasionally warped, sense of humor and P.O.V.

This year's holiday video is no different. A group of us gathered back in October to brainstorm this year’s video. It was a total team effort that encouraged myriad points of view. In the end, we agreed to create a movie trailer for a fictitious flick called 'Fifteen.' We chose the title because, well, we're celebrating our 15th anniversary. And, we partnered with comedian and film director extraordinaire, Clayton Fletcher, to make sure the end product was as good as it could possibly be (considering Peppercommers are communicators, not actors.)

So, if you aren't on our mailing list and have yet to view the end result, click on the video screen below.  And, let me know what you think. While we Hollywood types are notoriously thin-skinned, we do encourage constructive criticism. I’d also be interested in your vote for best actor and actress: so please click on this link, to cast your votes for Best Actor, etc. In the meantime, though, have yourself a happy little holiday.


11 thoughts on “Marching to our own beat

  1. I’m distressed to see so many accolades for what I saw as a distinctly pedestrian performance by Ed. I thought Brendan and his lookalike, Ray, stole the movie.

  2. Fully anticipate that Moed will be nominated for a Golden Globe later this morning. As for Dorothy, fully anticipate that whomever–or whatever–that was will be nominated for a Razzie!

  3. “Brilliant. A triumph! One of the year’s best! This has Oscar written all over it!”
    –Julie Farin, fictional film critic, PEOPLE Magazine

  4. Thanks for the votes, Lunch. I wouldn’t have gone with either, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder….especially when it comes to Ed.

  5. Thanks Book. Trish Hoban also has my ‘Best actress’ vote for her amazing Brando performance. As for my portrayal of Dorothy, I really wasn’t going for the more sensual Judy Garland of the mid-to-late 1940s. I have no problem bearing my skin in front of a camera but felt, in this case at least, it wouldn’t have been true to the role.

  6. Barlow as Bogart for the Best Actress!
    Moed as Obi wan-Kenobi for the Best Jedi.
    Well done, guys. It’s great to see Deb hasn’t changed a bit, too.
    Happy holidays to all of you (only the ones I know, actually).