A different type of New Year’s resolution

DSCN5007 'Tis the season for resolutions, so I figured I'd share mine.

Unlike many, I have no need to quit smoking, lose weight or tackle new physical challenges. Ice climbing, long distance cycling and stand-up comedy fill those ‘voids’ very nicely, thank you.

My resolution is more of an emotional one. I resolve not to let professional and personal setbacks upset me to the degree they have in the past.

If a significant client cuts us loose, so be it. If a close friend decides to cut me off, c'est la vie. And, if the Mets continue to cut a wide swath through the N.L. East's cellar, that'll be ok, too.

I won't these other pet peeves bother me either:

– The Lexus 'December to Remember' TV commercials. Is there ANYTHING more obnoxious?
– PR awards' programs that allow large agencies to submit countless entries and dominate each and every category.
– Endless NJ Transit train delays.
– New Jersey's horrible image. The real armpit of the tri-state area is Wrong Island.
– Sarah Palin's nonsensical, moronic statements.
– Politicians who refuse to work with one another to solve our nation's ills.
– PR Week's hagiographic cover profiles of chief communications officers (the only thing missing are the halos).
– The latest transgression by a Catholic priest.
– Yet another heating or air conditioning glitch from the fine folks at 470 Park Avenue South.
– Unsolicited e-mails from new business rainmakers, database management experts and a certain Mr. Brown from Nigeria who needs my banking information in order to transfer some $7 million into my account.

So, bring on the New Year and its challenges. I pledge not to overreact to disloyal clients and friends or rude and uncommunicative NJ Transit train conductors.

If I should find myself slipping though, I know I need only schedule a few days of ice or rock climbing with Art Mooney (www.mooneymountainguides.com). It's the single best cure for what ails me and the best way for me to assure I deliver on my 2011 resolutions.

So, how about you? What are your 2011 resolutions?

5 thoughts on “A different type of New Year’s resolution

  1. Thanks Kenwork57. Looking inward, there’s no doubt my biggest challenges are maintaining an even keel. I’m lucky to be quite self-disciplined about such things as exercise and taking on out-of-the-box challenges. But, over reacting to rude people remains my Achilles Heel; a heel I intend to heal in 2011.

  2. May your best climb, client engagement, stand-up routine, etc. from 2010 be your worst in 2011, Rep. You’re right, life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Happy New Year.

  3. Hey RepMan,
    I was fully expecting your post to be a rant against NJT. In full candor, your post gave me lots to think about. I plan on keeping it nearby and returning to it for inspiration when the little things get to me.
    Happy New Year!

  4. My resolution is to post some foot fetish videos on youtube. I hear it’s worked for others, so why not?
    Speaking of which, as a long-suffering Jet fan, shouldn’t you be discussing the PR dilemma which faces our esteemed heroes? I mean, we finally get a coach who knows how to win — and he’s threatening to self-implode over easily avoided off-the-field gaffes. And what about the one-drip-at-a-time release of all this — doesn’t it have an extortionist’s feel to it? Don’t you sense that, inevitably, the proverbial other shoe to drop will include photos of the coach himself? If nothing more, it proves once again that PR people will never find themselves obsolete.
    I’d love to hear your suggestions (free advice!) on how you would counsel the Jets and their beleaguered coach.

  5. I like yours Rep. Very sensible. Mine are similar and I’ll continue along your vein. To continue to learn to play golf. To play as much tennis as my elbow will allow. To surround myself only with positive people and as for those we have no control over, to let go. To not always try to solve the problems that are not my own, to mind my own business, to listen more and speak less. And, lastly, to have another great year with my book club ladies.