Congressdog Mick Cody resigns after posting ‘inappropriate’ photo on RoversList; Apologizes for ‘mistake’ but says it will ‘elevate’ his image in long run

Lincroft, NJ, February 10, 2011-  Congressdog Mick Cody (C-NJ) announced his resignation today  Mickens in the aftermath of a scandal created when he posted an 'inappropriate' photograph of himself on the popular animal social website, RoversList.

The political brouhaha broke late Wednesday when an unidentified feline blogger released a full transcript of her e-mail dialogue with the Congressdog. Photographs of a topless Mick were attached to one of his e-mails.

In one e-mail exchange with the cat, Mick described himself as “… a single, five-year-old, 35-pound stray who digs bones and boney felines.” Information provided on the Congressdog's website shows the pit bull terrier is actually eight years old, weighs 50 pounds, and lists Cody's younger brother, Rooney, as his “life partner.”

Cody rose to political prominence in the aftermath of the Michael Vick/pit bull scandal. Along with Rooney, Mick created the Conservative Canine Coalition and ran for Congress as a “genuine Beltway outsider” who promised to literally “bite the hand of any politician advocating for deficit spending.”

Reached for comment in between episodes of his favorite Animal Planet show, ‘It's Me or the Dog,' Mick seemed resigned to his resignation.

“Sure, I made a mistake,” he snarled. “I apologize to my family, my constituents and my breed. But, this was pure entrapment by that feline activist group.”

The former Congressdog insists he was lured to RoverList's by a feline blogger known as Kitty Whiskers. “She said she could deliver the cat vote in the upcoming midterms,” whined Cody. “Then, she said if I wanted, she could deliver a whole lot more than that. That's like dangling raw meat in front of a red-blooded pit bull like me.”

A spokescat for Forever Felines, the cat advocacy group, denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident. “We're independent creatures and would never lead on a member of another species, especially pit bulls. Yuck!”

Mick Cody sees a silver lining in what would seem to be an otherwise dark cloud. “This will elevate my image in the long run. In fact, the phone's already ringing off the hook with offers from reality TV shows. Bravo's 'Real Housedogs of New Jersey' has expressed interest. So has MTV's 'Six Months and Pregnant.' The Congressdog indicated he's also been offered a continuing role in ‘Parker Spitzer’. “They want me to sit on the governor's lap during the show and howl whenever I agree with something he's said,” added Cody.

A spokesperson for the Conservative Canine Coalition said their leader's spectacular flameout will not deter the group's future. “We'll miss Mick and wish him well, but there are 50 million dogs out there who need representation,” said Spike Drool.

Rooney Cody did not return calls from this blog.

8 thoughts on “Congressdog Mick Cody resigns after posting ‘inappropriate’ photo on RoversList; Apologizes for ‘mistake’ but says it will ‘elevate’ his image in long run

  1. RepMan: Glad to hear that the CongressDog is a fan of that fine weekly publication. I heard a rumor that he was actually being considered for next week’s cover story.
    BTW — please advise your client to set up a page on It will help repair his reputation and he can speak directly to his 4-legged constituents. 🙂

  2. Thanks Julie. I spoke to the former Congressdog this morning. He’s accepting interviews and thought someone at People Magazine might be interested. Can you confirm? Also, please send a list of questions in advance. He’ll chew on them. Literally.

  3. That Mick Cody can’t seem to stay out of trouble. To his credit, I think engaging Peppercom to handle his crisis communications was a shrewd move. Once again, this should teach Mick not to mess with catty partners. I’ll be sure to catch him carousing with Snooki on next season’s Jersey Shore.

  4. Excellent point about the Congressman’s timing. The story will indeed be long forgotten thanks to Mubarak’s resignation and Lindsay Lohan’s stunning appearance in court. That said, I do hope Mick has learned his lesson.

  5. christopher lee picked an awesome day for this story to break – what with all the breaking news in egypt – kind of similar to sanford and michael jacksons death…..
    be that as it may – tell mick never to send a naked pic of himself again , you never know when felines will leak it

  6. Thanks Book. Mick’s keeping his options open at this point in time. Don’t be surprised if he decides to write his memoirs. Hey, if Bristol Palin can do it, so can he.

  7. Thank goodness Mick didn’t pull a “Brett Favre.” Topless is one thing. You get the picture. Perhaps Mick would be up for a reality series called “Mad Dogs?”