Hype without substance is as phony as a three dollar bill.

A client in the education software space was recently sharing the results of a global survey that  showed her organization's customers rated it poorly when it came to service. She stared at the marketers around the table and said, “It's our job to improve these numbers.” I disagreed, and said so. I told the client the best marketing in the world wouldn't move the needle if her organization didn't first fix its poor service.
Beef-300x282The same holds true for the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club (AKA 'The Mets' or 'Los Mets' as they're known to my Spanish-speaking readers).
The Mets stink. Period. The club has been in a slow, but steady, death spiral since blowing the biggest late-season lead in baseball history a few years back. Many of the perpetrators of that atrocity are gone. And, the team has a new general manager and field skipper. But, the basic model remains broken. And, ownership can't afford to fix it, because they lost their shirts fiddling around with Bernie Madoff.
Despite the broken service offering, though, the Mets continue to hype each and every one of their upcoming encounters with all the drama of a Hollywood premiere: 'Tune in Sunday as David Wright and Jose Reyes lead the Mets into battle with their arch division rival, Chipper Jones and his Atlanta Braves!' Puh-lese. I'd rather watch grass grow.
No one cares about the 4-9 Mets, as was exemplified by the tens of thousands of empty seats at Citi Field on Thursday (where Los Mets dropped both games of a doubleheader to 'Troy Tulowitzki and his Colorado Rockies!').

Hype without substance is insulting. And, whether it's a client who thinks a thought leadership campaign can improve the findings of a future branding study or the lame superlatives used to convince Mets fans to turn on the tube or turn out to Citi Field, the end result will be the same: failure.

Fix what's broken first and don't try to spend three-dollar bills.

4 thoughts on “Hype without substance is as phony as a three dollar bill.

  1. Thanks Julie. But, Joe Torre isn’t the answer. In fact, I think Joe Torre is a run-of-the-mill manager who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Buck Showalter is the guy who deserves all the credit for those great Yankees’ teams of the late ’90s. He built the squad and then Steinbrenner fired him. The Mets problems are systemic, but cannot be fixed until new ownership with deep pockets takes over. The Wilpons lost millions of dollars thanks to Mr. Madoff and face scores of lawsuits for their alleged knowledge of his chicanery. Until they’re gone and new owners are in place, the Mets will remain adrift like the flotsam and jetsam of some ship wreck.

  2. Go Yankees! Seriously, RepMan, your points are well taken… but HOW should the Mets improve their lousiness? Should they hire Joe Torre? Can this ball club be saved?

  3. Being a Mets fan is, indeed, a thankless task that seems to grow more painful with each passing season. The Jets do offer a ray of sunlight (but, have yet to prove they can win the ‘big one’).