Judgment Day is every marketer’s dream

HeaderI don't know about you, but I had a blast in the minutes, hours, days and weeks leading up to  6pm, Saturday May 21, 2011 (AKA Judgment Day). Sure, nothing happened. But, so what? There were so many great tweets, blogs, status updates, videos and new comedy bits that it made the whole non-event a mega happening.

That's why I think President Obama should declare May 21st Judgment Day. And, it should be treated as an annual national holiday. I know marketers would absolutely love it. Retailers, for example, could own Judgment Day Eve. Just imagine the TV commercials:

– “Special end of the world prices like you've never seen! You'll agree Best Buy is positively otherworldly!”

– “You want some rapture? Check out our Judgment Day Eve prices at The Gap!”

– “Radio Shack's prices are the absolute lowest you'll find in this life.” 

Sales on Judgment Day Eve would totally eclipse Thanksgiving's Black Friday (and, give a whole new meaning to the color black as well, thank you very much). As a matter of fact, Valspar, Dutch Boy or some other paint brand should create a special 'Grim Reaper Black' shade for the occasion).

Turning to sporting events, I envision:

– Judgment Day doubleheaders at baseball stadiums (the Anaheim Angels would, of course, be featured on the national game of the week)
– 'End of the world' World Cup soccer matches (India vs. Pakistan would make for a neat opening match)
– And, how about a special pre-season college football game pitting the University of Notre Dame against Brigham Young University? I'll bet even He would tune in for that contest. And, I guarantee a mega sponsor would snap up the rights faster than you could say Adam and Eve. I can see it now: 'Ladies and gentlemen, and viewers around the world, welcome to the 2012 Quiznos Judgment Day Bowl.' And, just imagine if the Fighting Irish and Cougars end up tied at the end of regulation? Talk about sudden death overtime. Wow. The Batesville Casket Company should think about that particular branding opportunity.

But, wait, there's so much more marketers could do on Judgment Day. K-Mart, Wal-Mart or one of the other big box chains should copy Macy's and sponsor a parade. Harold Camping could be named honorary marshall in perpetuity. Cities could compete for hosting honors (a la the Olympics). And the winning city would earn the right to rename itself Sodom or Gomorrah for the day. The sponsor could hold an online contest to select Lot and his wife (and, wouldn't the latter search be a superb branding opportunity for Morton's Salt?).

Judgment Day could be the new crystal meth for marketers. Like eternity itself, it has limitless possibilities.

It's the mother of all days, and deserves to be repeated year after year after year until, god forbid, it actually becomes the REAL Judgment Day. Until then, I'd like to hear from each and every member of my flock. What branding opportunities am I missing?

11 thoughts on “Judgment Day is every marketer’s dream

  1. I’m way ahead of you, Book. A pitch letter went to Morton’s Salt this morning. Would you be open to playing Lot’s wife if given the opportunity?

  2. No argument re: false advertising, Julie. Re: October 22nd, maybe Brother Camping will follow the lead of the Catholic bishops and just blame the sexual liberation of the 1960s?

  3. I wonder what his excuse will be on Oct. 22 when the world is still here. I still maintain that the billboards in NY and elsewhere fall under the category of false advertising, so the FTC should get after this nut job, who laughing his way to the bank.

  4. I’m way ahead of you, Book. A pitch letter went to Morton’s Salt this morning. Would you be open to playing Lot’s wife if given the opportunity?

  5. Au contraire, Julie. Brother Camping is baaaaack! He just announced that last Saturday was a ‘quiet’ Judgment Day and that we’re still right on track for a 10/21 demolition of the earth. As for returning the money, I’d quote my wife who, after I called to complain about the altitude sickness my son and I were experiencing on the first night of our climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, replied, ‘You have no one to blame but yourselves.’ Harsh, but true. The faithful willingly bought into Brother Camping’s doom and gloom message. No one forced them to fork over their life savings.

  6. Actually, he said yesterday he is off by 5 months, so Steve, market some of those ideas! You could make millions (but you have to spend it within the next 5 months).

  7. All kidding aside, at the very least Harold Camping should be held accountable for misleading advertising.
    This so-called prophet led his followers to sell their possessions, squander their retirement money, and use their kids’ college funds to promote his radio network.
    And not one word from this quack since May 21. Talk about a heavenly coward… He owes everyone an explanation and should return the money to all who donated.

  8. Gee, I’d hate to see the lawyers take advantage of this, Book. Re: additional corporate sponsors/taglines, how about FedEx changing its slogan in anticipation of next year’s Judgment Day? “FedEx: Because it no longer matters if it absolutely, positively gets there.”

  9. “Don’t Look Back” by Diamond Crystal Salt comes to mind. Lawyers could jump here right now too and sue Camping b/c people may have spent all their money with the end of the world coming.