Are All Men Dogs?

6a00d8341c39e853ef015433238a99970cIt seems like just about every week now another powerful man is being brought down a mega sex scandal. From Elliott Spitzer and the ‘Governator’ to Mark Sanford and Anthony Weiner, lots and lots of powerful men have been caught behaving badly. In fact, no less an influencer than The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has declared, ‘All men are dogs.” But, are they? Are these high-profile flameouts indicative of men as a whole or, instead, isolated incidents? Perhaps, most importantly, what effect is the salacious, 24×7 barrage of media coverage having on our nation’s young men and boys? Are they growing up guilty until proven innocent?

To address these incendiary questions, we invited three Peppercom women, who also happen to be moms, to posit their views. What follows is, I believe, one of the very best RepChatter podcasts in the medium’s sordid, six-year history. Click here to listen (and feel free to post a comment if you agree, disagree or have a completely different POV)…..


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