Pit Bull outraged by Maureen Dowd column; Demands immediate apology

WaterOutspoken libertarian and former U.S. Congressdog Mick Cody says he's outraged by the words  used in a recent column written by New York Times Columnist Maureen Dowd.

In her column, Dowd presented a woman's POV on the Anthony Weiner sex scandal. In an essay Mick describes as “otherwise brilliant”, Dowd says the average woman's view of men has transitioned from “boys will be boys” to “men are dogs”. That last line struck a real nerve with the high-profile canine, who was forced to resign his own Congressdog post after texting a topless photo of himself to a cat.
Speaking from his newly-opened back yard pool, a tanned and rested Mick was nonetheless howling mad. “Dowd's just as insensitive as the powerful men she ridicules in her column,” he said. “Why do a hatchet job on canines? What have we done to earn such contempt?”

Cody followed up with a different, but equally rhetorical, question: “How would Dowd feel if I said all columnists are squirrels? But, that's the difference between Dowd and me. You won't find this dog demeaning an entire breed for the sake of cleverness. Saying that men are dogs may be cute and cool and oh so clever, but 50 million American canines are now royally pissed off. We want an apology and we want it now.”

The erstwhile Congressdog predicted Dowd would 'pull a Weiner.' He said she'd first ignore his demand for an apology, then suggest computer hackers had changed her column's original wording and finally, just like Anthony Weiner, come clean. 

'The Times is a business and they know that dogs often bring the paper to their owners and that cats will use it for personal hygiene purposes. They'll pressure Dowd to respond. But, I'm not going to wait a week for the Old Gray Lady to force the Anti-dog Lady to say she's sorry. If I don't receive a written apology ASAP, I'll track Dowd down like the dog she is and rip a few pounds of flesh off her left-wing calf.”

Note: Repman readers will recall that Cody first rose to prominence in the aftermath of the Michael Vick/pit bull scandal. He later organized a hugely successful canine boycott of Vick's return to the NFL. Flush with the heady aroma of celebrity, Mick threw his collar into the political ring and won a New Jersey congressional seat (a position he later resigned because of the aforementioned Twitter scandal). He is currently on the speaking circuit and writing an autobiography entitled, From Back Yard to Capitol Hill: a Congressdog's Tail.

4 thoughts on “Pit Bull outraged by Maureen Dowd column; Demands immediate apology

  1. While it’s not something he publicized, Mick did enter a two-week rehab clinic at an undisclosed location. He’s expected to announce his plans for the future shortly. Don’t be surprised to see him announce a run for the Republican nomination and, if successful, pull a John McCain by selecting a cat to be his running mate. Hopefully, the feline in question will have a better grasp of American history than Sarah Palin.

  2. Hmmm. Well, I’m glad to see that MC has somewhat softened his stance on the feline world. I’m all for tolerance. DogsandCatsoftheWorldUnite.org

  3. Former Congressdog Mich Cody says his anti-feline stance was prompted by what he termed a ‘terrorist’ attack on his Twitter feed. Mick says an aggressive pro-cat group hacked into his account, photoshopped his head onto the nude torso of a different pit bull and tweeted it to an unsuspecting feline. He stands by his original comments about felines in general, but added, “Some of my best friends (and meals) have been cats.”

  4. I have a bone to pick (pun intended) with Mick. You say, “You won’t find this dog demeaning an entire breed for the sake of cleverness.” A review of your previous blog posts reveal your disdain for felines and the entire hello kitty universe.
    Search your soul, former CongressDog.