RepMan Image of the Year Contest- Mid-Year report

Today's guest post is by Peppercommer Carl Foster

Regular readers can’t have failed to notice the quality of the images that accompany RepMan’s blogs these days. I get at least a chuckle out of most, if not the kind of out loud laugh that makes me grateful my chair has a recline function.

Earlier this year I suggested to RepMan that it was a shame for this creativity to just fade into the ether and so we came up with the RepMan Image of the Year Award. For the past six months the team here at Peppercom has been nominating some of the best images that have accompanied RepMan’s posts. As we are now at the halfway point of the year, we thought we would show readers the nominations so far, as well as invite you all to nominate images for the remainder of the year.

So, without further ado, here are the nominations so far for 2011:

RepMan’s very own pup, Mick Cody, was the star of this post ‘Congressdog Mick Cody resigns after posting 'inappropriate' photo on RoversList; Apologizes for 'mistake' but says it will 'elevate' his image in long run.’ A suitably regretful looking Mick Cody was pictured.

Mick _________________________________________________________________________________

A post in February ('Your time is gonna come') about the breakup of the 31 year-old Carmichael Lynch/Harley-Davidson relationship featured this image:
Breakup _________________________________________________________________________________
A terminal case of the slows’ discussed the dawdling response to allegations of pedophilia of the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, was illustrated thusly:

Mick Cody features again in March in a blog about RepMan’s exercise regime, ('Hey Mick! Ready to do four miles?' Although a familiar pose, Mick’s thoughts are now captured.
  Mick talk

In April, RepMan regaled us with a story of a stroppy, demanding new business prospect, (Stealing my heart). I wonder if she really did look like the accompanying photo?
Phone bitch_________________________________________________________________________________

In ‘The death of the role model’ from April, RepMan laments Snoop Dogg’s celebrity endorsement of a new Alcopop.
  Snoop _________________________________________________________________________________

A couple of weeks after Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALS the government said that porn was found in his hideout. RepMan’s blog ('Heaven couldn't wait') featured this image:
   Osama _________________________________________________________________________________

Continuing the bin Laden theme, ('We need the Navy Seals to take down bin Laden') in May RepMan compared Ronald McDonald to the late terrorist leader and was illustrated with this image:
Ronald _________________________________________________________________________________

Also in May, RepMan blogged about the seemingly miss-matched merger ('There's no such thing as a merger of equals') of Newsweek and The Daily Beast, both of which now call Tina Brown their Editor-in-Chief. The post was illustrated with this graphic:
Tina brown
And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is where we stand at the halfway point of 2011. For the remainder of the year we would like to invite readers to nominate RepMan blogs with particularly impressive accompanying images (please nominate blogs in the comments field). We will post all the nominations at the end of the year and run a survey so readers can vote for their favorite. The winning image will win… erm, well, we’ll figure that out later. None of us here have made any plans beyond June 30th.

7 thoughts on “RepMan Image of the Year Contest- Mid-Year report

  1. Former Congressdog Mick Cody has been positively JFK-like in his tanning regimen of late. He purposely suns himself by the family pool so he can look as ‘tanned and ripped’ as possible for his upcoming photo shoot. I think this particular canine has dreams of Hollywood. Strange what a little notoriety can do to man or beast.

  2. The former Congressdog appreciates your support, Julie, and if chosen as the best visual of the first six months, pledges to work with Dandy to ensure ongoing ‘optic excellence’ in Repman blogs. That pooch sure has a way with words. He’s not bad with bones either.

  3. I’d have to agree. I like the Brendan/Ray one, too, but we really should get an actual side-by-side for greatest effect.