Tasteless Spot

Today's guest post is by Peppercommer and Kangoo Nation member, Deb Brown.

OK… so I might be in the minority here, but I think the fairly new Snickers commercial for its new Peanut Butter Squared isn’t ha-ha funny nor is it dark humor.  It’s just plain dark (and I don’t mean as in chocolate).  The commercial debuted in January but I saw it for the first time earlier this week.  Somehow I luckily escaped the tasteless spot over the past several months. However, for some reason, the ending was slightly different from the one that ran in January.  The commercial I saw omitted the guy at the end (see original commercial below).   Maybe the company thought that would soften it a bit. Yeah, right. The commercial shows a focus group of sharks saying how they thought the young man tasted better than the young woman because he had eaten Peanut Butter Squared as opposed to a peanut butter cup (in other words – take that Reese’s… sharks like young adults who eat Snickers PB Squared better).

Now, I happen to have a sense of humor.  But, I didn’t find this commercial funny.  I actually thought that BBDO, which created the spot, and Mars, the candy company responsible for all things Snickers, crossed the line from humorous to sick and stupid.  I think this spot is indicative of television/cable television today. We’re constantly lowering the bar when it comes to reality TV so why should commercials be any different?  Since when is the death of young adults even remotely funny?  And since when is it ok to use the deaths of young adults to sell candy or for that matter…anything?  The commercial is even more morbid when you learn that the month before it launched, a woman was killed by a shark in Egypt.  And, just a few days ago, a 6-year-old girl almost lost her leg in a shark attack.

There’s nothing tasteful about this spot.    I’m not sure if Mars got itself into a sticky situation with this spot that will negatively impact Snickers’ sales or if the general public will just accept it and buy the candy.  I still believe Mars bit off more than it could chew with this spot.  But, maybe I’m wrong.  Or, maybe we hit such lows with television shows and commercials that nobody even notices anymore.

14 thoughts on “Tasteless Spot

  1. I do realize that some think the spot is funny, Jepotts. However, my opinion is that it crossed the line and is morbid.
    But, I like your point. The sharks could be fed the PB Squared directly and comment about how much tastier they are than seals and fish. That could work. 🙂

  2. I suppose if you were the victim of a shark attack, or are close to someone who died in one — a rather rare occurrence — you would be offended. But I’m willing to admit I thought the spot was funny, particularly the one with the guy coming in at the end to give the sharks another taste. Call me tasteless if you will.
    Now, I will admit to at some point questioning the internal logic of the spots. If sharks appreciate the taste of peanut butter, why not just give them the candy directly? Perhaps I’m overthinking it…

  3. I don’t know whether it’s tasteless or not — I just know that it brings back memories of assignment sheet meetings.

  4. Thanks to reality TV and Americans watching them generally, these spots just prove the point that as a nation, we have been dumbed down. I mean, look at Congress. How dumb can some of them get?

  5. I think you’re losing your eyesight in your advancing middle age, Gaetano. This post was authored by Deb Brown. Not me. Put that in your credit union pipe and smoke it.

  6. I’m filling in for Repman, Gaetano. He didn’t lose his sense of humor and neither did I. This spot is simply tasteless and not funny.

  7. And how tasteless that these candy commercials are airing during Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week,” which air commercials with Lady Gaga’s “Show me your teeth” playing in the background…

  8. They don’t have to follow the news, Greg. The thought of using the death of young adults to sell candy is morbid enough, and BBDO and Mars should think before they air these spots.

  9. Hi Bubbles: I agree, the spot is stupid. That’s the point. But bears wiping their behinds with toilet paper is not the same as using the deaths of young adults to sell candy. I believe that the commercial has hit a new low. Your saying it’s a non-issue underscores my point…no one notices or cares anymore about the lows we’ve hit.

  10. Uhhh what exactly is the problem? This isn’t offensive or funny. It’s stupid. And the fact that the samplings are young adults isn’t germane to this. “…deaths of young adults to sell candy…” that’s such a stretch the band snapped. People have recently been mauled by bears- are you offended by the toilet paper ads that feature bears? This is a non-issue/ non-story.

  11. There are a lot of sharks out there Deb. Anything to make a buck. But after the commercial is made, they don’t follow news items and have enough sense to pull spots.

  12. I guess being on edge on those mountain adventures has caused you to lose you sense of humor. It was funny…look what happened to Hideki when he lost his sense of humor.