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At the end of June we told readers about a contest we are running to identify the best RepMan blog image of the year. You can see the nominations for the first six months of 2011 here.

Since June more blogs have been nominated. However, not many of these nominations have come from outside of Peppercom Towers. If you would like to nominate a blog for its visual excellence just drop a note in the comments field or email RepMan.

To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, below are the five additional nominations we have received since June.

AMC’s new reality show ‘The Pitch’ failed to sign up any real life Don Drapers, which kind of makes it like 'The Apprentice' with no Donald Trump. This fantastic Mad Men inspired image summed up AMC’s predicament perfectly:
In August RepMan told us that 37.8 percent of the population of Evansville, Indiana is obese. This unfortunate ‘honor’ was illustrated by two ladies waiting for a McDonald’s to open. RepMan cannot verify that this is an Evansville branch of McDonald's, but that does stop us putting up a funny image (Note the time on the clock to the right):
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In August RepMan countered a report from the York University School of Kinesiology & Health Science that said obese people who are otherwise healthy live just as long as their slim counterparts. Tell that to the skeleton in wife beater:
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McDonalds makes another appearance following the toppling of the Burger King King. RepMan hoped that the reign of the “ultimate fast food despot” will come to an end soon. Here he is pictured on the way to The Hague:
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In September RepMan broke away from fast food to look at the importance of customers in today's economy. In “It’s the customer, stupid!” RepMan urged marketers to look at things from their customers' perspective so this beautifully illustrated chain of events can stop happening:
And that’s where we are in the RepMan image of the year award. Please feel free to enter into the fun and nominate your favorite image(s). Either nominate in the comments field or shoot RepMan an email. The top ten images will be shortlisted at the end of the year and readers will be invited to vote for their favorite. The names of the people who vote for the most popular image will be put into a hat and a winner drawn at random. Some sort of prize will be found for the winner from Peppercom's stationary closet (no, that's not where we keep the iPads).

4 thoughts on “RepMan Image of the Year Contest – Nudge Nudge

  1. This is just for images- not content. And Rep didn’t nominate these- readers did. His call is for others to submit their own nominations.

  2. Personally, I really liked the nostalgia of September 5 and 6 about the agency for those of us not familiar with it, particularly the part about Ed and his ADD and the office switcheroo. I also enjoyed the Situation b/c I would hate to be associated with anything Jersey Shore related and last but not least the Obama piece on him be Browning Nagle. As you can tell, I am a fan of the blog anyway so these are some of my favs in additio to some of those that Rep listed himself.