So, was the media hype nothing more than a snow Job(s)?

With each passing day, it seems more and more revelations of the dark side of Steve Jobs are emerging. Exactly, why did the media anoint Jobs as a cross between Mother Theresa and Thomas Edison in the immediate aftermath of his death? And, should the now well-documented abusive behavior of a true genius be overlooked because, well, he was a genius who changed the world?

Click below to join Repman Steve Cody, his co-host Deb ‘The Kangoo Kid’ Brown and their special guest, licensing stalwart, Michael Dresner, as they discuss the image and reputation of the legendary Mr. Jobs.


3 thoughts on “So, was the media hype nothing more than a snow Job(s)?

  1. Why thank you, Julie. We have a blast recording the podcasts and think they do provide a balanced perspective on whatever the topic happens to be. The best one we ever did (in my humble opinion) was a debate between an atheist and an uber religious Peppercommer. You can find it in the Repchatter file. It’s MUST listening.

  2. RepMan: I must admit this is the first time I have listened to your podcast. I urge all other RepMan blog readers to do so. This was a great, no-holds-barred spirited conversation on a very controversial figure -Steve Jobs. Both sides made very convincing points; methinks a Part 2 is needed.