And now, it’s on to Quito and let’s win there

IMG_0183I fell in love with alpine, ice and rock climbing about five years ago and, since then have been doing my best to make up for lost time.

On January 2nd, this blogger will once again team up with Chris 'Repman, Jr.' Cody to attack a formidable foe. This time, we'll be heading due south to Quito, Ecuador. Over the course of two weeks, we'll attempt to summit four, 20,000-foot extinct volcanoes (at least, they're supposed to be extinct).

Those who have climbed in the Andes tell me they match the Alps for sheer majesty and rugged climbs. We shall see.

We'll be ready. Me especially. Thanks to my colleague, Deb Brown (who will be posting on RepMan during my absence), I've become enamored of something called kangoo.

In case you haven't heard of this extreme exercise regimen, check out and click on running and boot camp. That's what I've been doing the past three weeks or so, and I can tell you I've never felt fitter in my life. And, it's all due to Mario Green, an amazing trainer and unique human being.

In ending my last blog of 2011, I'd like to paraphrase the final public words of Senator Robert F. Kennedy by saying, “And now, it's on to Quito and let's win there.” I only hope these aren't my final public words.

Repman is all yours, Deb. Handle with care.

2 thoughts on “And now, it’s on to Quito and let’s win there

  1. Thanks Julie. The former Congressdog asked me to tell you he’s far more interested in mounting a leg than in climbing a mountain.

  2. Godspeed, RepMan! Look forward to hearing your adventure stories when you return. (PS – Why is it that CongressDog Mick Cody hasn’t adopted your enthusiasm for mountain climbing?>