The Danderoo Award

Throughout 2011 there has been no shortage of creative, eye-catching and hilarious visuals sitting next to RepMan’s prose, thanks to his Chief Illustration Officer, Dandy “the Danderoo” Stevenson. But, which one is the best of the whole year?

Below are the nominations, submitted by RepReaders.  For your chance to win the first annual Danderoo Creative Graphic Award, simply comment and indicate what number is your favorite.

In the spirit of good will to all men (and women) voters names will put into a hat and a random draw will decide the winner, who will receive a vintage peppermill, which was given in 1995 as Peppercom’s first holiday gift. To all THREE of our clients.

Here are the 12 final nominated graphics, and a brief description of the post each accompanied:

1. RepMan professed his love for the Big Apple, which finished 49th in a Reputation Institute survey of world cities. London was top followed by Geneva. Geneva?!



2. November’s Repchatter podcast was all about the benefits of comedy in the workplace, illustrated thusly (and in a way we can all identify.)6a00d8341c39e853ef015436ba0867970c-800wi________________________________________________________________________


3. A couple of weeks after Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALS the government said that porn was found in his hideout.



4. RepMan received a cover letter from a college grad looking for a break. The grad said he would work for free. RepMan blogged. Our creative director got creative. See?



5. RepMan told us that 37.8 percent of the population of Evansville, Indiana is obese. This honor was illustrated by two ladies waiting for a McDonald’s to open. Note the time on the clock.



6. In April, RepMan regaled us with a story of a stroppy, demanding new business prospect, charmingly represented by this little darling:



7. When RepMan discussed the dawdling response to allegations of pedophilia by the Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Danderoo chose this to illustrate:



8.Two separate opinion pieces in two separate industry trades agree on one basic principle:  agencies and marketers alike are overlooking the customer in their rush to do the right thing. RepMan agreed and the Danderoo added this:



9. Inspired by the PRSA’s campaign to redefine the term PR RepMan launched his own Definition of PR Contest, the winner of which would receive the following trophy featuring one devilishly handsome Pepperdude:



10. The graphic below accompanied Rep’s ‘Headline from Hell’ award honoring godawful, unfathomable and buzzword-riddled headlines.


That’s it folks. Vote early and vote often. (And thanks to all of of you for helping make RepMan PR News’ 2011 Blogger of the Year!)


6 thoughts on “The Danderoo Award

  1. Thanks so much, Julie. For the rare ‘original’ Peppercom client who does, in fact, own a vintage 1995 pepper mill, we’ll root through Ed’s office and find a suitable replacement. Perhaps an autographed photograph of Isadore Barmash?

  2. I like the McDonald’s graphic; it gets the message across perfectly about the obesity epidemic in this country.
    BTW – I am already the proud owner of the 1995 vintage Peppercom pepper mill… I still have it after all these years (even though I was tempted to sell it on eBay during one period of unemployment).
    So, if by chance I should win this competition, please donate the prize to the next runner-up. Tis the season to be generous.

  3. This is a tough one, but I vote for how perfectly it represents the gap between customers and marketers. Bravo, Dandy — you’ve found some gems in 2011.