Should national college football championship play another game?

Guest blog by Greg Schmalz, president, Schmalz Communications.

Deathbcs2So the question of whether Alabama deserved the right to play for college football’s national championship has been answered.

You’ll recall that Alabama lost to Louisiana State University, 9-6, on November 5, 2011. The Crimson Tide seemed to have the upper hand in that regular season game, but came up empty on four of six field goals attempts.  Yet, many thought they were the best team in the country and deserved a rematch with LSU.

One by one teams fell by the wayside.  Oregon, Stanford and then finally Oklahoma State.  LSU remained the only unbeaten team in major college football.

Well, Alabama got the rematch it wanted and the Crimson Tide went out Monday night and showed why they deserved to be in the BCS title game as they easily won, 21-0.

On one hand, you had a motivated team in Alabama. Heck, they lost the first game and wanted to redeem themselves.  Nobody likes to be a loser and they wanted to prove they were the better team.

On the other hand, how could LSU get motivated for such a game?  After all, the Bayou Bengals went into Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama on its home field.  You mean, we have to do it again?

Yes, Alabama featured a smothering defense, holding LSU to just 92 yards in total offense and allowed the Tigers just once to cross midfield.

Playing 44 days after their last game was not conducive to being sharp, either.  Why the powers-to-be drag these games out is beyond me other than to maximize the income they can generate from television revenue.

And while Alabama can now claim to be No. 1, are they really?  What happened to the regular season game?  Doesn’t that mean anything?  So it’s one game apiece, should they play another one?

Is the current system acceptable?  Or should there be a more formal playoff such as Divisions II and III?  After all, Alabama becomes the first national champion since the BCS championship game was implemented not to have won its own conference.  The rematch really hasn't solved anything.

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