Peppercom appoints Edelman Agency of Record

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8df4a3breakingnewslogo285New York, April 1, 2012 – Peppercom today announced it has appointed Edelman as its public relations agency of record. Edelman succeeds an in-house team that has toiled effortlessly on Peppercom's behalf since the agency's inception in 1995.

In making the surprise announcement, Peppercom's co-founder and managing partner, Steve Cody, said the move isn't a reflection on his team's performance. “We recognized that, in the past 12 to 18 months, virtually every organization in the solar system has named Edelman its agency of record. So, why should we do otherwise?”

Cody also noted that it had been four or five days since Edelman had announced a new AOR win, and he was concerned industry observers might think the behemoth was in something of a slump. “Lord knows we wouldn't want that,” he mused.

A spokesperson at Edelman confirmed the news, and said the budget was “…in line with what you'd expect a midsized firm to spend.”

Cody said Edelman would be tasked with generating global publicity for Peppercom's 'Distrust Barometer', a superficial snapshot of what a few people strolling along Park Avenue South think.

“We ask folks to name the most distrustful people, places and things in the world,” noted Cody, who said the 2012 winners were former NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, the city of Abbottabad, Afghanistan, and the New Jersey Transit rail system, respectively.

The Peppercom Distrust Barometer's findings are timed to be announced in conjunction with the first home game of the New York Mets season. “If there's a more distrustful management or pack of players in any sport, I'd like to know about it,” sniffed Cody, who added he was a long-suffering Mets fan.

Cody said Edelman had been placed on an annual retainer with built-in incentive goals. “Hey, if Richard can get me one of those Harvard Club speaking gigs, I'll compensate his team accordingly.”

Edelman is the largest independent public relations firm in the history of man. Peppercom is a strategic communications firm, headquartered in New York with offices in San Francisco and London.

For more information, call Steve Cody at (212) 931-6100.

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  1. Thanks Steve. I’ll try and put some pressure on them to hire you. Now, that I’m a midsized client, I do wield some degree of power within the Empire.