What, me worry?


In our 17-year history I've often worried that, after announcing a new service offering, some larger agency will co-opt the idea, pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating their own version and, in effect, hijack it.

That's not the case with Peppercom's Comedy Experience featuring comedian Clayton Fletcher, which debuts today.

For one thing, we've been perfecting the Comedy Experience for five years. For another, it's completely embedded in our culture. But, perhaps most importantly, the vast majority of our competitors simply take themselves far too seriously to embrace a solution that insists senior executives display vulnerability and embrace self-deprecating humor.

Comedy Experience blends the strategies and tactics of stand-up comedy with the very serious cultural and communications needs of modern organizations. It's already been implemented in a wide array of trade organizations, major corporations, universities and professional services firms. It's proven especially effective in post-merger situations in which leadership is desperately trying to break down barriers between two distinct cultures in order to form one.

Our Comedy Experience is a game changer that has nothing to do with joke-telling and everything to do with helping executives in every industry become better storytellers, understand ways in which to connect with audiences and close the sale (whether that sale is asking a direct report for a major budget or a prospect for a year-long contract).

Comedy and communications go together like soup and sandwich, baseball and apple pie and, in rare instances, love and marriage. Why? Because the best stand-up comedians rely on the truth to create their material and the best campaigns are those based on transparency and authenticity.

I'm proud of every new offering we've brought to market. But, Peppercom's Comedy Experience featuring Clayton Fletcher is special. It's one thing to launch a new measurement tool, an annual trust barometer or a division whose sole purpose is to report on emerging trends. It's quite another to see a service offering literally turn around an organization's long-standing cultural barriers in a few weeks' time. That's not only rewarding. It's a way cool experience (hence the use of the word in our offering).

In the final analysis, our industry prides itself on making a difference. Some do it by mitigating a crisis, others do it by creatively launching a new product. We do both (and lots more as well). But, we're the ONLY ones who've unlocked the natural synergy between comedy and business, and helped good cultures become great ones. That makes this blogger do more than merely smile. It makes me laugh out loud.

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