Now, that’s what I call adult entertainment

9519743-adult-man-in-toy-airplane-on-white-backgroundI'm penning this blog as I sit in a first class seat on Delta Flight 401 to Atlanta. Seated directly behind me is a screaming, crying kid who is not only wreaking havoc on my eardrums, but also pummeling my lower back with deadly efficient kicks from his surprisingly strong little legs.

I mention my plight not to complain, but to praise. The praise is for the top brass at Malaysian Airlines who have just declared ALL business class sections of their airlines off limits to children under 12. If I knew the Malaysian expression for 'You guys rock!' I'd gladly insert it in this sentence.

It's high time airlines begin paying more attention to their best customers. Screaming, misbehaving kids who are left to run amok by their indulgent parents should be positively verboten in business and first class.

In fact, I'd argue that ANY airline flying to, or from, Orlando (home of the uber nerve racking, positively hellish experience otherwise known as DisneyWorld) be required to seat adults in their own, separate planes. There's nothing worse than boarding a flight to Orlando and spying an army of screaming brats sporting Mickey Mouse ears on their heads. It makes me air sick before I've even left the ground.

Misbehaving kids are one of many reasons air travel has gone from being an enjoyable pursuit to a positive nightmare. Happily, though, at least one airline is flying right.

A child-free business class? That's what I call adult entertainment! A child-free flight to Orlando? That's what I'd call wishing upon a star.

One thought on “Now, that’s what I call adult entertainment

  1. Several years ago my wife was seating ahead of a mother and her screaming year-old. The mother said, “quiet Jason, that’s too loud.” As if little Jason understands the concept.
    As the parent of a 6-month-old — one whom I’m happy to report charmed other passengers on a recent NYC to LA flight — I still can’t relate. Too many parents really do think those cute noises made buthe little tykes on an airplane are OK. Here’s a clue: they aren’t.
    I think this is a great move by Malaysian.