- Cody calls it "glib and superficial"
 - Announces new Peppercom offering: Canine Experience

Lincroft, NJ, May 31, 2012 — Outspoken canine activist and former U.S. Congressdog Mick Cody blasted the new CBS series 'Dogs in the City', calling it "glib and superficial."

Holding court near his newly-opened backyard swimming pool, a noticeably angry Cody snapped at reporters as he decried the CBS program. "I've had it with Madison Avenue's inside out, top down, old white guy approach to marketing," snarled Mick. "This new series is the last straw. It once again depicts dogs as either aggressive asses or just plain dopes. And, naturally, the dog trainer is always painted as the hero."

MickMick says it's high time programmers experienced a dog's life from the outside in: "Until and unless human put themselves in a dog's paws, they'll never really understand us or accurately portray us." Cody says the same old school thinking permeates most corporate marketing. "The average marketer never takes the time to put herself in an audience's shoes and experience the brand before creating the plan," Cody noted, moments before lunging for one reporter's exposed ankle.

Canine Experience
The controversial ex-Congressdog also announced a new service offering from his dad's strategic communications firm. "As many of you know, McGraw-Hill recently published my book, 'Your Command Is (not) That Important To Me.' Well, that book has led to a strategic partnership with my master's firm. Effectively immediately, Peppercom's Canine Experience will be counseling marketers targeting dogs and dog owners on new, and better ways, to connect with canines." Cody believes the best marketing campaigns are based on listening. "And, do I need to remind anyone that a canine's listening skills are far superior to those of any human?"

Cody said that pricing would be based on a combination of fee and treats. "Hey, I can always use more Beggin' Strips," he chuckled.

Repman readers will recall that Mick Cody first rose to prominence in the wake of NFL football star, Michael Vick's imprisonment for staging dog fights. Cody rode a tide of publicity to win a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, becoming the first canine to do so. He was later forced to resign in the aftermath of a sex scandal in which Cody admitting to texting topless photographs of himself to a feline admirer. The ex-Congressdog still maintains his innocence and says the incident was pure entrapment.


  1. The Congressdog’s former press secretary, Fido Salinger, is handling his ongoing publicity needs and would most likely handle any reality TV show opportunities. As far as the power couple question, Mick’s been in a stormy on-again, off-again relationship with his life partner, Rooney Cody. The latter was devastated by the sexting scandal and is still in therapy.

  2. RepMan –
    Please let the CongressDog know that if he manages to land a TV deal, I would be honored to serve as his personal publicist (given my entertainment background). Who knows? Maybe a PEOPLE magazine cover is in his future?
    Also – is the Mick-ster part of a power couple? Inquiring minds want to know…

  3. Thanks, Julie. I’ve passed along your suggestions to the Congressdog. While he disagrees with your suggestion about the need for anger management, he’s positively salivating at the prospect of starring in his own reality show. That said, he says he’s in need of sponsorship, adding, ‘Dog does not live by bone alone.’

  4. I think CongressDog Cody makes some excellent points about bone-headed humans who think they truly know or understand the mind of Man’s Best Friend.
    That said, I think the Mick should put his money (or kibbles ‘n’ bits) where his mouth is: Why not film a documentary (or better yet, a reality show) based on the life & times of the country’s first CongressDog? Then he can educate (and entertain) us humans about canine ways.
    PS – He may want to invest in some anger-management classes while he’s at it…

  5. Loving the ex-Congressdog. Let me know when I can hang by the pool with him. I do have “treats.”