REPMAN PODCAST: Are happy employees less productive?

Blog-women-pulling-ploughHere’s a real treat for loyal readers: a heated, 20-minute free-for-all discussion about happy employees. The question: Are they more or less productive? A recent survey from Leadership IQ suggests the latter. And, I agree!

Download the link and listen as I positively skewer Michael Dresner, CEO of Brand² Squared Licensing, the strategic licensing division at Peppercom


Michael believes happiness is more important than productivity. And, as you’ll hear, his loyal employees, Dame Heather Rosenthal and the Baroness Alana Schnee, agree (yet, neither seem very happy. JK, ladies. JK).

My co-host, Deb ‘Kangoo’ Brown joins in the fray as do a few other Peppercom employees who are neither happy nor productive (again, JK guys. JK).

Anyway, see what you think. Am I right in believing that toxic cultures such as those at Goldman Sachs and Yahoo are just as successful as the warm and fuzzy ones found at Zappos and G.S. Schwartz? And, that making everyone happy at the expense of accountability and productivity is a one-way ticket to Palookaville?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “REPMAN PODCAST: Are happy employees less productive?

  1. Thanks for sharing the clip, Julie. Office Space remains on my list of all-time favorite movies. What makes it so funny is that it’s so real. I’ve worked in organizations exactly like the one depicted in the movie. That said, I think Goldman Sachs employees are very unhappy. But, their unhappiness is mitigated by seven figure salaries (and, that makes them very productive). I think it’s more about the individual’s motivations and less about the organization’s. When a money-motivated worker meets a fear-driven culture, magic happens (as demonstrated by Goldman’s bottom-line). The same thing occurs when a happy, productive employee meet a culture that prides itself on productive and happy employees. But, I still think productivity creates happiness, and not vice versa.

  2. If unhappy employees made more productive workers, than Initech’s profits should have been through the roof. Granted, it’s a fictional company from the film “Office Space,” but I think the filmmaker nails the malaise of corporate cultures that don’t inspire anyone to produce anything (whether you’re happy or not).
    Take a look at one worker’s meeting with the firm’s management consultants: