The United States of Accountability

BuckkIn light of the $2 billion J.P. Morgan Chase debacle, it occurs to me that accountability is dead and buried.

In the good old days, a CEO would hold himself accountable for such a calamity and resign. As Harry S Truman was famous for saying of the presidency, 'The buck stops here.'

But, the buck never seems to stop anywhere anymore. For example:

– Mitt Romney can't remember butchering a classmate's head in a prep school bullying incident. And, we let him slide.
– McDonald's and its ilk continue to rack up record profits while our nation's obesity rates and healthcare costs skyrocket in direct proportion.
– Yankees pitcher Andy Petite suddenly suffers memory loss and, after publicly stating that Roger Clemens had turned him into a juicer, now can't remember the incident ever happening.
– Genuinely bad guys such as Mike Wallace and Steve Jobs are hailed as heroes after their passings; yet each was positively brutal in his dealings with others. Wallace's interview of Secret Service Agent Clint Hill on 60 Minutes remains the single most watched episode (and, the best example of entrapment I've ever seen).

And, speaking of the Secret Service, why didn't Janet Napolitano, head of the TSA, take a bullet for the presidential advance team's boorish behavior in Cartagena, Colombia?

If I were running for the Oval Office, I'd be laser focused on holding our leaders accountable. I'd insist on Wall Street CEOs being fired for rogue trades. I'd demand that any and all Catholic bishops found guilty of covering up pedophilia serve time in prison. I'd haul the CEOs of McDonald's, Burger King and other junk food purveyors before a Congressional board and ask them to explain why they're lining their pockets while expanding our waistlines.

There's more, much more. But, I want to save some ammunition for the first debate with Obama and Romney.

So, forget about 'Forward', 'Change' or 'America First'. My platform is simple, yet fundamental to future success: I want to change the meaning of the letter A in U.S.A. Let's start building a United States of Accountability. Just don't hold me accountable for the results.

11 thoughts on “The United States of Accountability

  1. You’d put Jeyran ahead of Ed as your chief of staff? Or putting Jeb in charge of the money is asking for it. Why not Commerce or as VP, where he’d do little harm?
    I see, we’re living in bizarro world. In that case, I’d go with Dorothy Coutsakis for White House Protocol, Johnny Morgan for Health & Human Services (all that McDonalds experience) Dave Mandel for UN Ambassador, Linda Srere for Education, and me for Labor. And I’d put the Shermanitor in the basement of GSA, a la Milton and his red stapler in “Head Office.”

  2. Nah. I disagree, Gotopengel. I’d opt for proven entities from my past. So, Jeb Brown would be my Treasury Secretary. Russell Kowalski would serve as head of Health & Human Services. The late Walter Spiro would be my Secretary of Defense and Zalema would serve as Secretary of State. I see Jeyran as my Chief of Staff. Thoughts?

  3. I can relate to your information overload dilemma, AJ. As for shame, you’re spot on. While John Edwards is seemingly being held accountable for his actions, have you seen even the slightest hint of shame on his face? Nope. And, the media doesn’t seem to be picking up on the simultaneous disappearance of shame (which, in the past, followed immediately on the heels of being held accountable). Instead,genuinely bad guys such as Elliot Spitzer, Mark McGwire and Mittens are given a pass.

  4. Bravo. I’ve been meaning to sit down and knock out that book about the disappearance of shame in America. But I am just overwhelmed with material.

  5. Sounds good, but you’ll need a name-brand team of kitchen cabinet advisers to make your point. I’d suggest including “reformed” political and corporate types who paid some price for their misdeeds, even if it seems small. For starters, you’d need Anthony Wiener, Eliot Spitzer, Dennis Kozlowski, Chainsaw Al Dunlap, Bob Nardelli (of ruining Home Depot and Chrysler fame), GM ex-CEO “Red Ink” Rick Waggonner, that “wide stance” Senator, Best Buy Founder/Chairman Richard Schulze, and, when they’re released, Bernie Ebbers and Jeffrey Skilling.

  6. There is some degree of accountability, Gotopengel. But, not nearly enough to stop my express train of a campaign from ending up on the front stop of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

  7. While you’re right, anyone can be humbled. Anthony Wiener. The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight Over At Yahoo. Or HP.
    13 years ago I was in Jamie Dimon’s apartment for a Democratic fundraiser. That was one night before Sandy Weill fired him from Citigroup. And unless Chase earnings make a super-quick recovery, I suspect that Dimon may be just as vulnerable as his lieutenants over this fiasco.
    As for how Romney continues to get away with such outrageous bull, I can only attribute it to raw blind (though not color-blind) hatred of Barry O.

  8. I’m sensing a definite change in voter sentiment. My new third party may be just what the electoral process needs. My slogan: “Holding everyone accountable but me.

  9. Thanks so much. I do think I’ve struck a nerve that, properly managed, could carry me directly to the Oval Office.