Bugs Bunny: Serial Killer

Bugs-bunny-gun-Black-BackgroundAccording to a newly-released study from the University of Bristol, lovable Looney Tunes character Bugs Bunny should be added to the pantheon of history's most notorious serial killers . Yes, Virginia, Bugs is the Ted Bundy of Cartoonland.

How can this be possible? Well, British researchers say that, influenced by Bugs and his signature carrot, rabbit owners have been unwittingly feeding their pet bunnies the worst possible food item. Carrots, say researchers, do serious harm to little bunny bodies. (I'm tearing up at the mere thought).

British rabbits suffer tooth decay as a direct result of ingesting too many carrots (what is it with the Brits and teeth?). Carrots also wreak havoc on a bunny's digestive system and end up creating an empire's worth of malnourished, dangerously ill rabbits.

In response, a British animal health organization is launching a consumer education campaign, entitled, 'Hay fever'. As it turns out, hay isn't just for horses; it's the ideal staple for rabbits as well.

I'm not a big fan of rabbits since, along with gophers and deer, they positively drive former Congresssdog Mick Cody to distraction. But, I also hate to see any animal suffer. So, I think bunny lovers everywhere should exert pressure on Warner Brothers, the owner of Looney Tunes, to launch a similar awareness campaign here in the States. If nothing else, it would give a whole new meaning to grass roots.

I'd go for the jugular (or, the rabbit's foot, if you prefer) and mimic the brutally harsh ads being aired by the anti-tobacco lobby. I'd entitle the program: 'What's up, doc? Rabbit mortality, that's what's up!'

And, I'd enlist Looney Tunes-type illustrators to depict a new, somber and sober Bugs Bunny in the following ways:

– A completely toothless Bugs leaning against a tree. Caption: 'Don't let carrots do to your rabbit's teeth what they've done to mine. Now, where's that bottle of Ensure?'
– Bugs with a colostomy bag attached to his side. Caption: 'Carrots ruined my digestive tract. Now I not only can't outrun Elmer Fudd. I have to wear this damn bag for the rest of my days. And, the damn forest creatures are calling me Bags Bunny.'
– A tombstone reading: 'Bugs Bunny: Wascally Wabbit. Beloved bunny, buddy and unwitting murderer of millions of his br’er rabbits. R.I.P.'

Warner Brothers owes American pet owners an apology. And, they need to step up to the plate (or down the rabbit hole) and out Bugs Bunny for what he was: The Cartoon Network's answer to Showtime's Dexter.

3 thoughts on “Bugs Bunny: Serial Killer

  1. Nice article. I agree with you, Julie. There are many cartoons and different characters that give viewers wrong impressions. Very sticky situation especially when the target audience is children.
    Jamie@Public Relations Agency

  2. Point taken, Julie. And, we wonder why there’s so much violence today? It’s because Wily E. Coyote was constantly trying to blow up the Road Runner with Acme Company explosives! Actually, the University of Bristol blamed Bugs, not me. They said so many Brits grew up watching Bugs gnaw away on his carrot, that they thought the veggie was good for their pet rabbit. Not!

  3. Why single out poor Bugs? Cartoon characters are notoriously politically incorrect. Ignatz & Krazy Kat epitomized a classic co-dependent relationship riddled with domestic violence. Tom & Jerry were constantly engaging in fisticuffs. Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Bluto were the quintessential menage a trois. The list goes on…