There’s nothing Olympian about this decision

1115-china_full_600Did you know every single piece of apparel to be worn by the U.S. Olympic team at the opening ceremonies was made in China? That's right. The runners, swimmers and others will be sporting Ralph Lauren blazers, slacks and berets made in China.

This jaw-dropping news comes at a time when U.S. unemployment remains fixed above eight percent and American textile workers are literally starving for work.

To make matters even worse, the U.S. Olympic Committee doesn't care. When confronted with the facts, a USOC spokesperson said, “The U.S. Olympic Committee is privately funded and we're grateful for the support of our sponsors. We're proud of our partnership with Ralph Lauren, an iconic American company.” No apology. No explanation. More like a “…take your patriotism and shove it!”

The USOC's decision, and subsequent justification of it, qualifies as dumb and dumber. It's the equivalent of reputational suicide. And, the person who made it is either desperate for dollars, completely clueless or has been smoking some serious Chinese-made opium.

But, having gotten into bed with Chinese apparel makers, why stop there? Why not also provide our U.S. athletes with:

– Cuban cigars

– Belgian chocolates

– Swiss Birkenstocks

– Mexican sombreros

– Japanese kimonos

In fact, why bother equipping U.S. athletes with anything at all associated with America? I'd go the full bore on this one and rename the U.S. Olympic Committee itself. I can think of a few, new appropriate names:

– The Benedict Arnold Olympic Committee

– The America Last Olympic Committee

– The United Nations Olympic Committee

How about you? What other foreign-made accessories would you provide to our team? And, what new moniker would you hang on this shameful lot of executives who outsource apparel to foreign countries?

There ought to be a law against something like this.

And a tip o' RepMan's American made hat to Greg Schmalz for this idea.

5 thoughts on “There’s nothing Olympian about this decision

  1. It seems to me that nowadays EVERYTHING in this country is made in China.
    Bubbles: You wanna hear a true story that will make you cringe? I took a weekend trip with my mother to Philadelphia in 2007. We wanted to visit one of the key cities in the birth of this nation; the place where Thomas Jefferson actually penned the Declaration of Independence.
    In one of the gift shops we visited near Independence Hall, they were selling replicas of the Declaration of Independence. I turned over the page to see written on the back — and I’m not making this up — “Made in China”.
    I immediately put it back on the shelf and could feel Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, et al spinning in their graves.

  2. Rep’s last line is at the heart of what is wrong with this god-forsaken money-chasing country. People don’t do the right thing, so we step in and clog the system with more laws that shouldn’t be necessary. And our relatively worthless government spends time and money on legislation such as this. People should KNOW not to do something as stupid as outsource the US Olympic team uniforms. People should KNOW not to drink a gallon of sugary soda. Athletes should KNOW not to dope up…. on and on. I am disgusted by what is happening in our country.

  3. How about Irish kilts? And maybe our Olympians will march waving small American flags on Chinese chopsticks.