A back to the future breakthrough

MailmanI must receive about 50 e-newsletters a week. And, with rare exception, I delete each and every one after quickly scanning the headlines.

But, just about every month I also receive an old fashioned, print newsletter in the mail from The Anne Klein & Communications Group, a 30-year-old South Jersey PR firm. And, guess what? I devour each and every word of it.

I'm sure some e-newsletters feature more cutting-edge topics, trends and suggestions, but I'm much more comfortable with Klein's conventional content. There's really nothing revolutionary about the stories. They typically include:

– Client testimonials
– Staff achievements
– Award-winning programs
– Charitable work of employees
– A mega client media hit or two

Pretty mundane stuff, right? Wrong. Because of its look, feel and family-friendly content, the Klein newsletter conveys a powerful, if subliminal, message: this is a great firm on which clients, employees and the local community can depend. If they were Chicago-based, I'd refer to Anne Klein as Midwest Nice.

There's a huge lesson to be learned from the newsletter. Somehow, some way, Anne Klein has broken through my personal clutter and connected with me. That's priceless.

Nowadays, clients pay millions of dollars to ad agencies, interactive shops and PR firms to figure out the best ways to break through the clutter and connect with target audiences. By sticking to an old school communications channel and regular, dependable content, Klein has not only made a connection with this busy executive, but inspired me to blog about the experience. How's that for a measurable result?

So, the next time you and your team are discussing the latest, greatest social media sensation, pause for just a second and ask this question: how would my AUDIENCE like to engage in the conversation?

Like Anne Klein, you just might end up creating a back to the future breakthrough (and having an audience member rave about it).

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