Every now and then

Thanks to flight cancellations with no explanation, attendants with chips the size of boulders on their shoulders and delays caused by bizarre reasons even Lewis Carroll couldn't invent (i.e. too MUCH jet fuel), United Airlines sits atop my list of least-liked brands (edging out Comcast and New Jersey Transit, respectively.)

United's problems began when they acquired an otherwise excellent airline, Continental. The subsequent merged entity has been poorly managed, overly hyped and, according to one highly placed source, hampered by an intense, internal culture war (i.e. former Continental employees resent their second class status and aren't shy about it sharing it with the outside world).

So, it's nice to see when something actually goes right at United. As you'll see in this video, a superbly-trained flight crew safely landed a 757 after its front wheel blew up on take-off and parts wedged themselves in one of the jet's two engines.

That must have been quite the experience for pilots, flight attendants and United's long-suffering passengers alike. But, at least everyone landed safely. It's also nice to see a United plane actually take off in the first place. I've begun thinking it's actually a regional train in disguise.

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