Life in the slow lane

IMG_0334Life in the fast lane really starting to gnaw away at you? Well, I suggest a  unique remedy: climbing.

Take a look at how this blogger, Repman, Jr. and Rep Jr.’s friend Mark “The Renaissance Man” Romei spent the past three days: (Katahdin – Delivers a punch!). Some people like lounging on a beach. Others chill out by sightseeing. For me, nothing re-charges the batteries better than intense rock and mountain climbing.

While rock, ice and mountain climbing may sound daunting (if not downright dangerous), it's quite the opposite. And, Art Mooney and Matt Ritter (, our superb guides, are equally adept at teaching the novice as well as honing the skills of the expert.

So, if you're like me, and find yourself unable to stop thinking about work no matter how many glasses of sauvignon blanc consumed, I highly recommend you check out climbing. It's the purest form of a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual high I've yet discovered. Best of all, I guarantee you'll come back 100 percent recharged and ready to deal with the workaday realities of life in the fast lane.

Note: Click here for Art's blog post that covers our Bar Harbor climbs.

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