Caveat Calories

A segment on 'CBS This Morning' just reported a significant Red State backlash on the part of high school kids who say The White House's new school lunch program doesn't provide them with enough calories.

Indeed, enterprising students are posting YouTube videos (which, hopefully, won't upset anyone in the Middle East). The videos depict angry, 'starving' kids brown-bagging gross, cheese-laden lunches and munchies to school.


In one video, an entire high school basketball team feigns passing out as a result of having consumed too few calories from their Michelle Obama-approved school diet. Another shows one emaciated teen being shoved into an ambulance and whisked off to a nearby hospital. Nice.

These videos are truly sad, yet underscore the level of ignorance that is so pervasive in our country today. Kids, and their parents, resent being told to eat a healthy diet, so they purposely rebel and shovel calorie-rich, lard laden crap into their young bodies (thereby setting the wheels in motion for a lifelong battle with obesity and its deadly cousins, diabetes, heart attack and stroke).

I'm amazed, and appalled, at the small government, libertarian mindset that chooses a poor diet and a lifetime battle with obesity simply because they detest the current Oval Office occupants and perceive a healthy school luncheon program as yet another example of big government telling them how to run their lives.

But, here's a plot twist worthy of Hitchcock. I agree! I say let these next generation Einsteins and Edisons poison their bodies. Let them balloon up to 400 pounds or more. Let them declare a personal declaration of independence (that insures massive health problems just a few decades down the road).

But, my friends, as Clint Eastwood might say to an empty chair, "caveat calories."

We'll be the ones left footing the bills for our big bellied peers. Rising health care costs will simply continue to escalate just like the waistlines of those anti-Obama types who are doing nothing more than a midriff variation of cutting off their nose to spite their face.

I'd continue, but there's a syrup-laden stack of 25 pancakes sitting in front of me that's just begging to be inhaled. Besides, I'm hungry and 10,000 calories of pure lard is just what the doctor (oops, make that the mortician) ordered.

2 thoughts on “Caveat Calories

  1. While I agree that it’s much better to provide a healthy lunch of 850 calories, the school systems in the country still have it wrong. The only way to fight obesity is to teach everyone, starting in childhood, how to eat properly. Three meals a day is NOT the way to eat. You need to eat 5-6 times a day, small healthy meals or healthy snacks for two of those times a day. So, if schools are serious about this, then they need to give students a time in the morning and another time in the middle of the afternoon, to let them have a healthy, substantive snack. The other troubling issue with the school systems is that due to overcrowding, some schools are serving lunch to some students at 10am. This is ludicrous. You can’t feed a child at 10am and then give him/her nothing the rest of the day. The mindset in this country needs to shift or obesity will continue.