Inspired by the recent story of a Wall Street Journal researcher who Tweeted a marriage proposal to his West Coast-based girlfriend we decided to ask soon-to-be-married Peppercom women to share their engagement stories with us.

In addition to being creative and funny, some of the Peppercom proposal stories were downright poignant. (Lia LoBello went through an entire box of tissues in retelling how her fiancé finally popped the marriage question after a seven-year waiting period.)

Co-host Deb Kleur-Brown-Kleur and yours truly pulled no punches in uncovering such other gems as whether:

  • The beau dropped to one knee to pop the big question.
  • The big moment came as a complete surprise or was more predictable than Paul Ryan’s Republican Convention speech.
  • It went down in a public or private setting.
    – The big lug first asked the girl’s father’s permission (I did, for the record).

The big takeaway was the ladies’ anti-Jumbotron sentiments. Single Peppercom girls DO NOT want to be asked for their hand in marriage in front of 60,000 Yankees fans. And, neither would I, for that matter. I’d much prefer the intimacy of CitiField. In fact, I’ll bet the 500 or so die-hard Mets fans who still attend games would have hung on my every word (and, been able to hear them in the far reaches of the upper-deck bleachers without any amplification!).

Anyway, please click on the link and listen. Whether you’re a guy in search of creative ways to pop the question, a young woman who’s been waiting forever for that special someone to drop to one knee or, like me, already sizing up the future, fifth ex-Mrs. Cody and wondering if the act of proposing has anything to do with the marriage’s future success, you’ll find something for everyone. And, just wait until you hear poor Deb’s proposal story. You’ll need to ask Lia for an extra box of tissues to just get through it…


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