I’d suggest InfallibilityGuy

Pope111Proving once again that first-mover status isn't as important as getting it right, the Vatican recently announced that Pope Benedict XVI will begin tweeting before the end of the year. Apparently, His Holiness, who neither blogs nor participates in any online activity whatsoever, is leapfrogging most of his competitors by going directly to Twitter. That said, he's not a first-mover in the space. Fast Company reports The Archbishop of Canterbury has been tweeting for some time now.

The Church of England's leader may have been first, but something tells me a higher power will help the Pope attract more followers in a shorter period of time. Why? Because, the Pope has SO much more material with which to work. Talk about a plethora of topics (and crises).

As Fast Company notes, the only remaining mystery is what the Pope's twitter handle will be. Here are a few of my thoughts:

– CatholicOne
– PontiffInChief
– UrPope

That said, we strategic public relations types always counsel clients to find the marketplace white space when they create a positioning, branding or name. So, since there's one trait that no other major religious leader can lay claim to, I'd suggest Pope Benedict XVI opt for InfallibilityGuy. It immediately communicates what makes him, shall we say, rise above the others?

So, how about you? What would you suggest the pope's Twitter handle be? I'd be willing to send the reader who submits the most creative suggestion a signed, framed photo of the young Repman (decked out in altar boy regalia circa 1968). Talk about a Church relic!

And tip of the hat to Chris "Repman" Jr., Cody for uncovering the lead.

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