Finally, some good news!

6a00d8341c652b53ef017c31650e8a970b-800wiThere. Did I stop you in your tracks with that headline? Good.

Because, if you're like me, you're completely beaten down by the daily, 24×7, drum beat of doom-and-gloom news. I'm talking about real downers that range from the latest mass shooting in Portland and death of a Navy Seal in the Middle East to Lindsay Lohan's 19th arrest and our edging ever closer to that damned Fiscal Cliff.

So, stay with me here. I have some legitimate good news. I say again, good news.  

But when I say good, I'm not talking about the drivel propagated by bloggers who provide PR strategies for dealing with antagonistic reporters, engaging with audiences in social media or, my personal favorite, five sure fire media training tips to win that next big interview. Those tips and tidings have been around longer than Betty White (and, are bad news in a very real way). 

Nor am I speaking about the fawning cover story profiles of CCOs in a certain trade journal that paint each as a corporate mix of Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela. That good news belongs in some separate, bizarro universe we've yet to discover.

No, dear reader, I speak of legitimately good news that, dare I say it, transcends the navel-gazing world of PR.  So, here goes:

Obesity rates among young people are FALLING in several major cities, including New York!.

Yes, Virginia it seems that, despite the alarming growth of such artery-clogging chains as FatBurger, McDonald's ongoing self-denial that they're part of the problem and not the solution and ever more bodies on a 747 that are wider than the wide-bodied plane itself, our kids are catching on to wellness! Yay! I say again, Yay!

Experts say the decline in childhood obesity rates is tiny, but real (and the first such drop in three, count 'em, three decades).

No one knows why childhood obesity rates are dropping, but someone, somewhere, is doing something right.  BTW, one more alarming stat before I revert to my 24×7 world of all doom, all the time: 17 percent of American children have a body mass index that qualifies them as obese. That rate has tripled since 1980 but, as reported, kids from Anchorage to Alpharetta are getting the message:   "Ronald McDonald is NOT your friend!"

I now return you to you regular cycle of negative news coverage, which is already in progress.

And a tip o' Repman's Santa cap to Ken Jacobs and Greg Schmalz for suggesting this post.

2 thoughts on “Finally, some good news!

  1. Call me cynical, but I’m not sure I believe these statistics. I think it’s just one more way that NYC Mayor Bloomberg can pat himself on the back for banning 18-0z. sugary drinks.