Oh Say Can You Sing

Today's guest post is by Peppercommer Dandy Stevenson.

Ferris_bueller_paradeSo Beyonce lip-synched the National Anthem at Obama’s inauguration. What’s the big deal? She was there in person. It was her voice. It sounded wonderful and she WAS performing. 

Who knows, maybe Obama did the same thing when he gave his speech.  It’s not like he was speaking off the cuff. Not only was every word agonized over before it made it into part of one of the many precious sentences in the speech, but also every pause, every inflection was carefully crafted and well-practiced. 

In a sense he WAS lip-synching.  Sure he could have burped or blinked at the wrong time, but you can bet he was rehearsed within an inch of his life.  Hell, he was even reading it. It’s not a debate. It’s a show: intricately scripted, blocked, staged, practiced, costumed, lit and presented in all its fabricated glory— just like every other speech nowadays.  So Beyonce did just play along… personally, I don’t think her part of the festivities was any less genuine than Barack’s.

9 thoughts on “Oh Say Can You Sing

  1. Sorry, Julie. The former Congressdog has a previously scheduled address before the Greater Kansas City Humane Society this coming Monday. He has posted a statement about Hizzonner’s passing, and wishes him well in the afterlife.

  2. RepMan – Is former CongressDog Mick Cody planning to attend former Mayor Coch’s funeral on Monday? Will the Mick be live… or on tape?

  3. Julie, yes, she beat them at their own game yesterday. That said, she will be live at the Big Game on Sunday.

  4. Right on, Spin. And how sad that this non-event has received more lasting press than Bama’s address. Sad.

  5. I must admit to having lip-synced my 10-minute, stand-up routine at one of Obama’s 2008 post-inauguration parties. There, I feel so much better about myself now. Cleansed, as it were.

  6. Totally agree. No matter what, no one can argue about Beyonce’s superior vocal abilities. Also – She staged a terrific PR coup yesterday by singing live, acapella, at a pre-Super Bowl press conference and blew everyone away.

  7. Dandy, great point! Personally, I haven’t really understood all of the hoopla over this. Would those who criticize preferred that she sang it live and risked the chance of messing up, having a sore throat, and/or distracting from the sole purpose of the Inauguration-swearing in our President?

  8. Thanks, Book! And think about all the reality shows that are about as real as pleather. It amazes me that folks will fall for such crap, and think it is real, and then rake a performer over the coals for something that makes infinite sense.

  9. Agreed Dandy! Furthermore, at his first inauguration, Yo Yo Ma’s cello performance was also prerecorded due to cold weather that could have had an effect on the cello just as the cold weather could have had an effect on Beyonce’s voice. Who cares. It was spectacular.