Flying-fickle-finger-of-fate– Blogger says result is a first in the annals of market research –

New York, April 10, 2013 — Outspoken blogger Steve 'Repman' Cody announced today that he himself had topped this year's annual Repman Distrust Barometer. Cody edged out Alex Rodriguez, Lance Armstrong, the Blackberry and the country of North Korea to be named this year's least trustful person, place or thing.

“I'm humbled to say the least,” said Repman. “How often does someone actually win one's own poll? This HAS to be a first in the survey world although, since I'm so distrustful, I wouldn't want anyone to quote me on that.”

The annual Repman Distrust Barometer is a totally bogus, superficial survey of a few co-workers, the building security guards at 470 Park Avenue South, the fruit stand guy who works outside the building and several arrogant United Airlines flight attendants and New Jersey Transit conductors. Unlike its far more successful and respected competitor, The Annual Edelman Trust Barometer, the Repman poll serves no real purpose.

Repman thinks he knows why he edged out such dubious and devious characters as A-Rod and Sir Lancelot. “People are never sure whether I'm being serious or joking around,” reflected Cody. “And, that's particularly true with the written word. So, my readers distrust just about everything I write.”

Move over PR Week

Repman says his blog is seriously considering an awards ceremony that would rival those of PR Week, The Holmes Report and the PRSA Silver Anvil.

“There's no reason why I can't transform these annual polls into a huge cash cow for the Repman brand,” mused Cody. “Why not hold a Repman Distrustful Industry Awards show? My goal would be to shine the spotlight on the most sketchy people, programs, agencies and corporations in our field. And, as sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, I'll bet the finalists for Most Distrustful Large Agency of the year will each buy six or more tables to the tune of $10,000 per. Ch-ching!”

Cody says he's thinking of calling the awards either 'The Reppy' or 'The Bad Boy'.

“I like the Reppy because it rhymes with preppie, a person universally distrusted throughout time. And, in thinking it through, I must admit The Bad Boy would be invariably be seen by some as sexist,” he observed.

The Repman Annual Distrust Barometer was fielded a few days ago and included about 10 or 11 responses. The results were analyzed by a complete stranger Repman met in an elevator. For a complete copy of the report, ask Ja'Maine at the 470 Park Avenue South security desk.


  1. Au contraire, Chris. We announced PepperBake on April Fool’s Day. Loyal Repman readers know that, while the Annual Distrust Barometer may be foolish, it has no connection to either April Fool’s Day or the World Economic Forum in Davos.