A transmedia love story

My love affair with Zeno Radio had a rocky start.

As I reported in a recent blog, the advertising sales company tried convincing me to buy their services to reach immigrant groups in the U.S.

I responded by saying that, while we’re always interested in advertising to immigrants, we were solely focused on height-challenged ones. That didn’t sit well with Yossi, Zeno’s lead spammer. You can read our increasingly heated exchange here.

Quickly, though, Yossi and I declared a truce, and wished each other well.

And, that’s when this budding romance truly took root.

Unbeknownst to me, Yossi alerted Zeno Radio’s telemarketers in India about their spamming of Peppercomm. The ladies then created this amazing YouTube video in which they not only apologize, but profess their undying love of me.

I was smitten, dazzled (and head over heels in love with all things Zeno Radio).

So, I enlisted Peppercomm’s newly-minted Account Supervisor and rapper par excellence Paul Merchan to pay homage to Yossi & The Supremes. Click below to listen.

Talk about all’s well that ends well. I now adore Zeno Radio and, the next time someone stops me on the street and asks, “Hey, buddy, can you spare some change and recommend an advertising service that pinpoints immigrant group in America,” I’ll know exactly who to refer.


3 thoughts on “A transmedia love story

  1. Thanks so much, KenViews. I thought I had identified our newly-minted account supervisor in the blog. If not, my apologies to Paul Merchan.

  2. Steve,
    1)I’m CRYING with laughter;
    2) The least you could have done was ID the newly-minted Account Supervisor;
    3) I am an expert on the dances of the Indian sub-continent, and I can tell you that they were doing the “Dance For The Arrogant PR Dude”! The least they could have done was the “Dance For the Arrogant Integrated Communications Dude”!