The man men love to hate

Designall.dllThe April 22nd edition of Advertising Age published a fascinating segment entitled, ‘Pop Thermometer’ in which editors determined “What’s Hot and What’s Not this Spring.”

In addition to such categories as: Favorite Jennifer, Louisiana-set Reality Shows, Viral Animal Attraction and Comfy DRTV Product, 'Ad Age' spotlighted the Woman Women Love to Hate, and listed who was trending (Sheryl Sandberg), who was trailing (Anne Hathaway) and who was tired (Sarah Palin).

So, in the spirit of the season, I thought I’d take a stab at identifying the Man Men Love to Hate. 
Here goes:
1.) Trending: Justin Bieber. He’s our gender’s answer to Lindsay Lohan, and a worthy successor to Charlie Sheen.
2.) Trailing: Alex Rodriguez. This despicable excuse of a man is once again injured and, alas, out of the spotlight for the early part of the season. That said, look for a whole lot of hate when A-Rod finally does set foot again in Yankee Stadium.
3.)Tired: Lance Armstrong. We guys are so over this non-apologetic, smug, blood doping bully. 

Note: I’d also add two honorable mentions:

4.) President Barack Obama: Who is positively despised by any, and every, Red Stater.
5.) Congressional Republicans: Who voted against background checks on gun purchases, and are hated by any, and every, Blue Stater. As Adolphus Busch IV, heir to the Busch family brewing fortune said after resigning his membership in the National Rifle Association, ‘The NRA appears to have evolved into the lobby for gun and ammunition manufacturers rather than gun owners.’

So, how about you?

Do you agree with my Men Men Love to Hate list?

If not, who would you add or delete? Ladies: Feel free to weigh in as well. I promise not to hate anyone.

7 thoughts on “The man men love to hate

  1. Since I’d already included Lance Armstrong, I didn’t want the list to be comprised solely of athletes. The two Boston bombers could also top anyone’s list.

  2. rep- you left two obvious names off the list.
    tebow- has there ever been at athlete in the history of sport who went from savior of planet earth to not being able to find as job as a waterboy so quickly?
    and then there is the sanchize, aka hair band boy. he was annointed the sanchize from day 1, took his team (or his team took him) to the cusp of the superbowl in his first 2 seasons, and now couldnt hit the side of barn with a football and will be remembered for his propensity to run into the posterior of other large men.

  3. Solid additions to the list, to be sure. Were he still relevant, Glen Beck would be a strong candidate as well.

  4. I’d have to agree with the Piers Morgan and Chris Brown additions. As a South Carolinian preparing for tomorrow’s congressional election, I’d have to add the luv-guv, I mean Mark Sanford to the list.

  5. On the “news” side, I would say that Piers Morgan is finally trending in the US (he’s been hated in UK news and football circles for some time now). He’s made US gun control his signature issue and, in line with your notes above, has become one of the most hated men around. Also, people generally seem to feel his replacement of living-legend Larry King on CNN has been sub-par.