Is Champagne too much of a good thing?

Today’s guest post is written by Jason Dodd, Peppercomm’s creative director, an oenophile and all-around bon vivant and raconteur. His subject is a new research study about the health benefits of champagne. Yes, champagne. Read on…

From summer weddings to New Years events, champagne has always been linked with moments of celebration in people’s minds. Now, it may also have some added health benefits as revealed in a new research study conducted at Reading University which has found that regular champagne consumptiondrink-champagne (three glasses a week) might give a boost to memory, possibly staving off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

While this may be very good news in general  – and maybe one more reason to celebrate with your favorite bubbly – is it really good news for champagne in particular?

Champagne as a region (not the drink itself) has fought its fair share of branding battles over the years to preserve its name and reputation as the only region in the world that can be labeled as champagne. Everything else is just sparkling wine, including cava, prosecco, cremants and other sparklers from around the world. Should Champagne now embrace this news as another point of distinction for itself, and another reason to celebrate?

I suggest they keep the cork in the bottle for the moment. When studies revealed that revesterol in red wine was found to be beneficial for heart health it elevated the entire category in the consumers mind. This was a good thing for red wine in general, but not a distinguishing characteristic for any single producer of red wine.

Similarly, the new health findings extend to every sparkling wine, not just champagne. As an overall health benefit it’s certainly positive news, but not a regional differentiator or good news that can be claimed specifically for Champagne.

While Champagne may not exclusively claim ownership of these benefits, you may still want to open a bottle this weekend and toast to your continued health. As Mae West said “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

3 thoughts on “Is Champagne too much of a good thing?

  1. This is also good news for weekend brunch. Three glasses for health? Cheers.