Dr. Baseball is my Mr. October

aroddd jpgWayne McDonnell (Associate Prof of Sports Management, NYU) suited up to join our Repchatter team this past week to discuss the latest Alex Rodriguez image and reputation nightmares for A-Rod, the Yankees, organized baseball and even the American Latino community. Click below for yet another lively back-and-forth with the man they call Dr. Baseball.(BTW, who is ‘they’?)



2 thoughts on “Dr. Baseball is my Mr. October

  1. The concept of A-Rod as a “symbol” fascinates me. Whether that is the negative symbol that most people make him out to be, or the “beacon of hope” that some of those protesters on Park Avenue believe he is, or the cynics who say that everyone was juicing and he’s just being picked on. Time will tell where he ends up on the timeline of baseball history. Our current situation though is sad – one which we’ll tell our future generations about as a black eye for the sport. You can be sure an A-Rod movie will come out sooner than later, and the man will again continue to reap the benefits of this circus with him in the center ring.