An office in every country. An outpost on every planet.

planets_align_solar_systemNew York, October 1, 2013 — Like some unstoppable tidal wave, Peppercomm continued its galactic expansion yesterday by announcing the acquisition of Walek & Associates, a top financial services firm. The Walek announcement comes less than a month after Peppercomm’s acquisition of Janine Gordon Associates, a superb consumer products/lifestyle boutique.

The back-to-back acquisitions are part of Co-Founder Steve Cody’s megalomaniacal plans to become what he terms, ‘the first truly galactic agency.’

‘Our goal is to have an office in every country on Earth, and an outpost on every planet in the solar system,’ mused Cody, aiming his office telescope towards the heavens.

Cody said both acquisitions deepen Peppercomm’s capabilities horizontally and vertically. ‘I’m not sure what that phrase means, but it’s pure ConsultantSpeak, and that’s what competitors say when they do these sorts of things.’ He did note that, with Walek and JGA, Peppercomm can provide clients with ‘far richer category expertise.’

‘Chemistry, capabilities and category credentials are the currency of the realm in today’s jackrabbit-fast strategic communications world,’ said Cody. ‘Organizations increasingly want to work with experienced counselors who take their clients’ business seriously, but don’t take themselves seriously at all.’ Cody noted that the firm’s ‘Comedy Experience’ training would be offered to JGA and Walek personnel and clients when, and where, appropriate. ‘We may also roll out stand-up comedy training on Mercury and Venus. It’s best to test these offerings in smaller venues before tackling such larger markets as Jupiter and Saturn.’

Cody said that, with the JGA and Walek billings, the firm was well on its way to becoming the galaxy’s first $1 trillion communications firm. ‘Why stop at $1 billion?’ he asked. ‘When we say we’re shooting for the stars, we mean it!’

While he wouldn’t identify other potential acquisition targets, Cody did mention that conversations have been held ‘…with a few boutiques on Neptune.’

Peppercomm is a strategic marketing communications firm headquartered in New York, with offices in San Francisco and London (for the moment).

4 thoughts on “An office in every country. An outpost on every planet.

  1. I am patiently awaiting the day the headline ‘Peppercomm acquires NASA’ rolls across my twitter stream. Congrats on yet another great acquisition.

  2. I’d forgotten to mention perpendicular, Julie. Thanks for correcting me. It really visualizes our brand promise of “Expect less.”

  3. Congratulations, RepMan – you are now the first horizontal, vertical (and may I add, perpendicular) communications firm on the planet. Today, the Earth, tomorrow…???