Hail Redskins! (Not)

indiasssnsPresident Obama recently said that, if he were the owner of the Washington Redskins, he’d change the team’s nickname.

Do you agree? Should the Atlanta Braves do the same? How about the Chicago Black Hawks? And, what about the thousands of high school football teams sporting Native American team nicknames? Should they ALL change their names?

Click on the link to join Native American activist, Deb Brown, this blogger and Wayne McDonnell (Associate Prof of Sports Management, NYU).

We’ll toss around this image and reputation football and debate whether Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder is making a major image and reputation mistake by refusing to change the team’s name.

2 thoughts on “Hail Redskins! (Not)

  1. I think it’s a lot of Hogwash. They are hundreds of teams that are called Redskins, Indians, Tribe, etc.

    I believe Stanford University was the first to change its nickname from Indians back in the day of Heisman Trophy QB Jim Plunkett to the Cardinal. Marquette changed from the Warriors to the Golden Eagles, Miami of Ohio changed from Redskins to Red Hawks. Montclair State University changed from Indians to Red Hawks.

    William & Mary changed from the Indians to the Tribe. Florida State Still uses the Seminoles and just like Atlanta Braves fans they, too, use the “chop.” And what about the Baltimore chop?

    If these people are still trying to be politically correct, then why do they continue to refer to them by their nickname instead of just calling them Washington or Atlanta or Florida State?

    If I asked you who Bob Uecker played for you would naturally tell me the Milwaukee Braves. Not the Milwaukee Brewers or the Atlanta Braves, but the Milwaukee Braves.

    Sure, some teams have changed their locations, but not their nicknames. For instance, the Cardinals in football have gone from Chicago to St. Louis to Arizona. And let’s not forget that the Washington Redskins were originally the Boston Redskins.

    But if we remember Thanksgiving, there were pilgrims and Indians. I don’t think the use of Indians, Aztecs, Navajos or whatever is disrespectful. I have some black friends of mine and I’ve had them at the house several times for dinner, BBQs etc. and we’ve had some frank conversations. And I asked them one day what they consider themselves (black, African-American, Negro or colored). And the response was “whatever you want to call us.”

    Now, you well know from the day that Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay was heavyweight champion that he would call a fellow black boxer “nigger” during the bout to rile his opponent. But if you or I used the same word, all hell would break loose.

    If I asked you which team George Allen coached what would it be? And who’s going to write another fight song for the Redskins instead of “Hail to the Redskins?” Why isn’t their pressure for Kansas City to change its name from the Chiefs? They even have a horse called “Warpaint” that rides around the field in a stadium called Arrowhead.

    I say we smoke’em peace pipe and leave it alone.