RepMan: We have a problem.

Hi folks, it’s The Danderoo  with some chilly news.

jack-nicholson-the-shiningNo RepMan post today. No RepMan today.  Rep was last seen disappearing under a snow drift at an undisclosed New Jersey Transit  location. My concern is that the NJT brass took this opportunity to silence him. You know how people just disappear in Jersey. But if you come across a snowman cursing NJT let us know.

15 thoughts on “RepMan: We have a problem.

  1. I think Comcast got wind of his upcoming column on the Time Warner Cable takeover. I wouldn’t get too suspicious yet, but you might ask the FBI to look at the living relatives of Jimmy Hoffa’s closest associates.

  2. Donna, thanks for the tip, and I agree… I think you are onto something. But who wants to go out in the cold and investigate?

  3. The head of customer service at Comcast should also be considered a person of interest in this case.

  4. Joe, you are spot on. We definitely need to widen the net. I might go with the fruit cup folks.

  5. As the investigation into Steve’s disappearance continues, don’t rule out United Airlines, several large PR and communication firms (never vendors) and the makers of those fruit cups he can’t open. This might be the start of the script to “The Most Unusual Suspects”.