menage a troisHave you noticed the endless number of TV commercials promoting age and lifestyle-specific online dating services?

Forget about Match.com and eHarmony.com. They’re, well, too generic. Discerning singles now have such faith-based options as ChristianMingle.com.

I like the ChristianMingle.com commercials a lot. You can almost envision a smiling Jesus looking down from the heavens as the happy couple regales us with their tale. That said, could you imagine if Jesus ever registered on ChristianMingle.com? The other guys wouldn’t stand a chance. Who can compete with someone who walks on water?

Knowing of ChristianMingle.com’s existence, I wonder if there’s also a competitive site for atheists? Perhaps, CarpeDiem.com? What about NoTomorrow.com? YouCan’tTakeItWithYou.com?

And, then there’s Ourtime.com. That’s the online dating service for men and women ‘…of a certain age.’ That age would be 50-plus, BTW. And the ‘happy couples’ who meet on ourtime underscore their relief at having found a soul mate who “…doesn’t, like, um, text, and um, use words like selfie or, um, awesome, all the time.”

It seems to me there’s room in the marketplace for another online dating service. I’d like to see one aimed at my dad’s cohort: the geriatric set.
I’ve already thought of a number of memorable names:

– TheLastHurrah.com
– OneMoTime.com
– WalkerIntoTheSunset.com

And, my personal favorite:

– Time’sAwasting.com.

The Time’sAwasting.com commercial would depict two frustrated, scooter-riding octogenarians parked alongside one another at an early bird special.

The first would bemoan the absolute dearth of eligible men. The other would crack a knowing smile, and sigh:

Tess: “Oh, Mildred. You don’t know about Time’sAwasting.com, do you?”

Mildred: “Who’s wasting away, Tess? Did you say Blanche? I know. So sad.”

Tess: “No, not Blanche. Time’sAwasting.com is THE new online dating service for people like us. People in their golden years. That’s how I met Jerry. Of course, he passed after our second date. But, now Fred’s stepped up to the plate.”

Mildred: “Good god! He lost his plate? That happened to me the other night. The steak was too damn tough.”

And, so it goes.

Do you have any ideas for other, age group or religion-specific sites? If so, let me know. And, if you happen to know of an eligible bachelor for Mildred, you’ll find her on Time’sAwasting.com.

5 thoughts on “Time’sAwasting.com

  1. What about LonelyPRPeople.com for those who cannot meet anyone outside the office because they’re working 11-hour days?

  2. You’re on your way to even more fame and fortune, Steve.
    Don’t forget these possibilities:
    or my favorite
    LoveAlert.com whose tag line is “I’ve fallen for you, but I can’t get up!”

  3. The one that really disturbs me is “Black People Meet” (http://www.blackpeoplemeet.com). What if you’re black, but look like Lena Horne? What about Egyptians? Indians? I know there is J-date, but what if you’re not really a Jew, but just Jew-ish? And I don’t want to think about the fireworks if there was a “White People Meet” site.