aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadsddssffsIn an age of information overload and multi-tasking kids of all ages, Maurice Saatchi, founder of the legendary ad agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, insists on using what he calls one-word equity.

Here’s what he means: since no one has time to remember any elevator pitch any more, even a single tagline contains far too many words.

So, says Saatchi, a few, extraordinary brands have burned their way into our synapses by becoming synonymous with just ONE word.

For example, what credit card company comes to mind when you hear the word priceless?

And what technology company do you think of when you hear the word search?

Author Daniel Pink writes in ‘To Sell is Human’ that Barack Obama did the same thing in his 2012 re-election campaign, making himself synonymous with the word forward. I’m guessing history will remember his eight years in office with a different word, ‘stalled.’ And, his predecessor’s two-terms might best be described by the word, ‘reckless.’

I can think of other organizations that have become synonymous with one word:

– The New York Yankees: Pride
– The New York Mets & Jets: Futility
– New Jersey Transit: Delay
– United Airlines: Chaos

I’ve tried to encapsulate my on-stage comedy performance to just one word but settled, instead, for two: Expect less.

And, after many years of marriage, I’ve decided my brand promise should be: Always wrong.

I’d like to think Peppercomm has cornered the PR agency market on the word fun.

And, Millennials sure seem to have become synonymous with one word: entitlement.

Here are a few more….

ObamaCare: broken
Tea Party: scary
Vladimir Putin: dangerous
Alex Rodriguez: as#hole
Lance Armstrong: liar

The list could go on and on. But, I do think the ultimate image and reputation achievement would be to create a single, positive word that people would associate with your brand.

So, what do you think? Can you share other people, places or things that ‘own’ one word, good, bad or otherwise?

Here’s one final contribution:

Disneyworld: rip-off.

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