Spin sucks

No SpinAt the conclusion of a very successful new business presentation, that we ended up winning on the spot, the CEO of the quite well known client organization said, “Look, I know your business. I know PR. If I had the time and money, I’d build my own staff to do what you guys do. So, don’t try to spin me with all this talk about strategy. I want media. Period. Do it.”

I hate it when I hear the word spin.

So does Gini Dietrich.

Gini’s the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich, an integrated marketing communications firm AND Spin Sucks Pro, a professional development site for PR and marketing professionals.

Gini’s blog, Spin Sucks, is the number one online destination for PR and marketing tips, tools and techniques (Note: Since RepMan provides none of those things, we won’t challenge her number one claim).

Gini’s also written a new book titled, you guessed it, ‘Spin Sucks.’

I must say the book is both an easy read and informative as hell. Even this jaded, world weary, know-it-all learned something new on the very FIRST page: Pope Gregory XV coined the term propaganda when he created Congregatio de Propaganda Fide, a guide to help missionaries spread The Word.

Dietrich’s book contains terrific case studies, a ton of emerging trends and lots of best practices. More importantly, it patiently explains why our craft has become increasingly more strategic AND important despite the average consumer’s perception that we’re little more than a bunch of slick spinmeisters (or spinmaestros, in deference to Pope Gregory).

I recommend ‘Spin Sucks’ for the novice and know-it-all alike. I especially recommend it for the patronizing types like that CEO I mentioned in the opening paragraph.

If he reads Spin Sucks, that CEO just might hold our profession in higher regard (although I doubt it).

And, by the way, WE ended up firing HIM three months into the relationships. His foul-mouthed, mean spirited tirades were just too much. We decided his spin sucked.

3 thoughts on “Spin sucks

  1. “I especially recommend it for the patronizing types like that CEO I mentioned in the opening paragraph.” Uh, yeah. That guy sounds like FUN (/sarcasm font).

  2. Gini: I hate to say this, but you’re overqualified to write this book. We’re going to ask an inexperience college kid to write the sequel. That said, best of luck and stay in touch.

  3. Steve – I don’t care what anyone says about you, you’re alright in my book! Thank you for such a nice review. Coming from you, it’s a huge compliment.

    Also, we had a similar client situation. Do they teach that behavior in startup school?