‘The Meaning of Life’

1588162613Eight years ago, one of our vendors gave me a coffee table book to congratulate Peppercomm (and me) for marking our 10th anniversary.

The book was called, ‘The Meaning of Life: Wit, Wisdom and Wonder from 65 Extraordinary People.’ I remember quickly scanning it and then doing with it what I always do with coffee table books: I put it on my coffee table.

I spotted it a few weeks back and, for some reason, it attracted my attention. So, I picked it up, read a few pages and couldn’t put it down until I’d finished.

Each page contained some celebrity’s, business leaders or sports legend’s personal take on the meaning of life.

Some of it was crap. Some of it was obvious. But, some of it was also spell-binding, especially the words of those who have since passed. To wit:

– “It’s astonishing. All in the name of God; the Inquisition, the Conquest; the Crusades; even the Japanese Kamikaze pilots.” The late Peter Boyle, character actor.

– “If you came back here in ten years, I expect that I’d walk to the door to greet you.” The late Christopher Reeve.

– “A sense of humor is rare. It isn’t telling a joke about how there are three ways to get to heaven. It’s being in a restaurant, and hearing someone say, ‘Everyone’s got their tale of woe,’ and then turning around and saying, “Unfortunately, in life, there’s more woe than tail.” The late Rodney Dangerfield.

– “You better live every day like it’s your last day, ’cause one day you’re gonna be right.” The late Ray Charles.

I’m not sure I could have appreciated ‘The Meaning of Life’ eight years ago but, man, some of it really hits home today.

I’d recommend this coffee table book for PR and image professionals in particular since we’re all about trying to figure out how a client’s product, service or organization gives some semblance of meaning to life.

At the same time, though, I’m not sure a Millennial or GenXer will appreciate the subtle nuances as much as someone who’s reached ‘…a certain age.’

Of course, I’ve been wrong about many things before so, maybe, this is THE book every Millennial needs to help her figure out what this crazy world in which we all live is all about.

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