Bad signal calling

whiteskinsAs RepMan readers and Peppercomm employees are well aware, I despise political correctness. That said, even I have my limits and a guy named Mark Stevens, just crossed exceeded them.

As you’ll read in his rather alarming CommPRO.Biz tirade, the author of ‘Your Marketing Sucks‘ and CEO of MSCO, argues that embattled Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, should launch an ‘offensive’ against all those PC types who are demanding he change his team’s nickname.

With all due respect to Mr. Stevens, your advice sucks. In fact, your offensive is offensive to anyone who understands crisis counseling.

Going on the offensive is the LAST thing the Washington Redskins need right now. The best advice would be to change the damn name and take a short-term hit in profits. But, if the team owner still refuses to budge, then he should keep his mouth shut.

Going on the offensive will only cause even MORE news cycles and bring down even more harsh statements and government penalties on the ‘Skins.

I’m amazed Snyder & Co. doesn’t GET it. Their team happens to be headquartered smack dab in middle of the Little Big Horn of politics: Washington, D.C. And, Mr. Snyder is the NFL’s answer to George Armstrong Custer. He’s outnumbered, outflanked and outsmarted.

But, even if he won’t do what’s right from a business standpoint, Snyder SHOULD do what’s right from an ethical and moral standpoint. To wit:

– How would white Anglo-Saxon Protestants feel if major league sports team nicknames ranged from the Whiteys and the Caucasians to the Honkies or Rednecks?

I’d cite other racial stereotype nicknames but believe discretion is the better part of blogging valor. You get my point.

But, Mark Stevens clearly doesn’t. His advice to go on the offensive stands alongside that of R.M.S. Titanic Captain John Smith’s decision to plow through the iceberg-strewn North Atlantic waters at full speed. It’s both reckless and just plain dumb.

I’d like to debate you, Mr. Stevens, and am prepared to lay down the gauntlet.

Mark: How about joining my co-host, Paul Merchan, and me, to debate the subject on an upcoming edition of RepTV (the highly acclaimed, if seldom viewed, video cousin of the RepMan blog)?

I’m hoping you’ll call an audible, and decide to go for it on fourth-and-one. We’ll toss around this political football on a field of your choice: my office, your domicile or a neutral setting.

And, just like my boyhood idol, Joe Willie Namath, I predict I will win our debate. In fact, I guarantee it.

3 thoughts on “Bad signal calling

  1. I disagree with you, Paul. I think this may be Snyder’s last stand. Too many powerful opponents are lining up to force the name change. And, it should be changed. But, so should every other racially-charged name, and that’s literally impossible since we’re talking about youth, high school, college and progessional teams.

  2. Political correctness only applies to non-whites, don’t you get it. Once the WASPs (and that would make for a good team name) gets offended, then they get on their high horse. This is a good piece b/c I too get annoyed at how politically correct things are these days, but in terms of race and racial profiling, I agree with this post. Thanks Rep.

  3. I recall we had this conversation last year with Dr. Baseball, Wayne McDonnell. The “Redskins” name and its popularity will continue to be defended by individuals such as Mr. Stevens until there is a stand by the players to get it removed. As long RGIII and others are wearing that uniform and filling those seats, Daniel Snyder is going to think he’s got a fighting chance in hell on this.