– Country’s First Congressdog Accused of Donald Sterling-Like Racist Remarks Against Cats –
– Vows to Continue Quest for White House in 2016 –

Lincroft, NJ, June 2, 2014 – Controversial canine activist and former U.S. Congressdog Mick Cody finds himself in the midst of yet another major scandal, this one involving alleged remarks he made slamming cats, and calling them an “inferior and unnecessary species.”

Middletown-20140601-00073The comments were released by Cody’s latest girlfriend, a six-month-old Golden Retriever by the name of “Sexie” Sadie Shumard. Cody’s incendiary comments have positively lit up the blogosphere and petosphere, respectively.

Topless photos
This isn’t the ex-Congressdog’s first mega scandal. Repman readers will recall Cody was forced to resign his position as the country’s first elected Congressdog in the aftermath of an Anthony Weiner-like sexting scandal.

The pooch insists his texting of topless photos to a cat were part of a well-planned entrapment exercise on the part of the Feline Protection Association.

Now, the aging (and injured) canine, who many have likened to the dog world’s version of Lenin, Martin Luther and Sam Adams, is being accused of barking such comments as:
– “Cats are an inferior species.”
– “Why would you associate with such animals?”
– “Why are you embarrassing me like this?”

According to TMZ’s Dog Channel, which first broke the story, Cody’s comments were recorded in a dog park conversation with Sexy Sadie this past weekend (and taped on her owner’s smart phone).

The stunningly-attractive Shumard, who lives with a cat and a human owner, has been very active in supporting inter-species marriages. Cody, on the other hand, is vehemently opposed to inter-species marriage.

Photos of Shumard and Cody frolicking in various settings have been published on Page Six and elsewhere.  But, rumors of any May-September affair have been dismissed by both camps as “…more bizarre than watching squirrels bury nuts every Fall.”

The species-bashing allegations wouldn’t be so damaging if Cody hadn’t already indicated he intends to seek the presidency in 2016 (which, considering his beloved status among some 50 million American dogs of voting age is not beyond the realm of possibility).

It was only four months ago that his campaign manager, Rooney Cody, announced the formation of an exploratory committee, and when confronted by reporters, snapped, “Look, if Jeb and Hillary can visit Iowa, so can Mick Cody. One more 2016-related question, and a reporter loses a limb!”

Damage control
It remains to be seen how damaging these latest species-bashing statements will be.

“Job one will be clearing his reputation,” said Mary Matalin, a noted Republican political strategist. Husband James Carville agreed, and added: “Job two will be convincing voters that in 2016, and at the advanced age of 12, Mick Cody will still have the vitality to lead this country.”

And, then there’s rehab
The scandal aside, Cody must ALSO overcome a physical setback. He tore his ACL a few months back (a not inconsequential injury for a 10-year-old dog).

When asked if the injury, subsequent operation and lengthy recovery, in tandem with this latest scandal put the final nail in his political career’s coffin, Cody mounted a reporter’s leg and smiled:

“Americans love a second act. They WANT to see me bounce back. These bogus cat-bashing comments should be euthanized. Voters want answers. Not anonymous allegations. I’m the dog to lead us out of the forest, although we may make all sorts of stops to chase bunny rabbits, relieve ourselves and howl at the moon,” a bemused Cody smirked.

Repman readers will recall Cody first rose to prominence in the aftermath of the Michael Vick/dog torture scandal. Mick organized nationwide protests at every NFL stadium when Vick was reinstated as a player, and rode a tide of popularity to win a seat in Congress. He was forced to resign in disgrace several months later after the sexting scandal.

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  1. Thanks, Julie. Please understand that the Congressog receives many suggestions on a daily basis. Each is carefully vetted (by a trained veteranarian) and, then, if appropriate, forwarded to Mick for his review. Should he find M. LeChatNoir of interest, I’m sure he’ll engage, mount, or both.

  2. Mick should check out @HenriLeChatNoir.
    He will find it difficult to consider this feline less than exceptional.

  3. Negative on any marriage plans in the former Congressdog’s future. According to his spokesdog, Rooney Cody, “The Congressdog is devoted to one, and only one, mistress: being THE champion of canine rights in America.”