I’m younger than that now

Steve Chris mt washington .As I mark yet another birthday this weekend, it occurs to me that I feel younger, healthier and oh-so-much smarter than I was at, say, age 40.

That’s because, in the past decade, I’ve climbed scores of mountains, done a Tyrolean Traverse, performed stand-up comedy, trained with a professional boxer and helped build a $17 million strategic communications firm.

I’ve authored some 2,000 Repman blogs, penned more than 100 Inc.com columns and published one book.

I’ve also embraced lifelong learning and, despite my natural ineptness with anything technological, I’m Tweeting, re-Tweeting and posting on all sorts of social media channels.

I’ve done my best to raise money for charities that mean a great deal to me, and the people who are important to me. For example, I’ve completed several 220-mile cycling jaunts to support the Young Survival Coalition and organized stand-up fundraisers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Autism Speaks, respectively. And, I’m currently organizing another one on July 25th to support my friend and trainer, Mario Godiva.

I’ve also made tons of mistakes along the way and, no doubt, hurt my share of people in the process. But, hey, I’m as far from perfect as the planet Neptune is from the sun.

All in all, I must say that the Steve Cody of 2014 could run friggin’ rings around the SC of, say, 1994. And, that’s a very good thing that many of my peers cannot state (or even contemplate).

In fact, I think and act younger now than I did then. The word sophomoric comes to mind.

As a result, I’m actually looking forward to the ageing process. Barring the unforeseen, I fully expect to accomplish (and be able to report on) a whole new set of experiences when I next take pause to write a blog on my birthday.

To paraphrase SNL’s Garrett Morris circa 1978: ‘Life’s been berry, berry good to me.'”

5 thoughts on “I’m younger than that now

  1. Thanks, Judy. I do love helping students as well as fellow Boomers who have been downsized by Corporate America (and feel lost at sea).

  2. Happy birthday, Steve! You left out all the time you spend with college students, which also keeps you young at heart.

  3. You are greatly admired and your energy is contagious…I’m hoping to catch it soon. Happy birthday and many more. Can’t wait till you go through puberty again. Watch out, world!

    • Happy Birthday. I’m reading Bob Dylan’s book and listening to a lot of his music lately, so this comes to mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plhfJbR7Gxk

      As someone who remembers you at 40, I agree that the change is positive. Part of it, no doubt, is career and successfully raising two young people to adulthood. And a lot is what you do with the rest of your life. I feel a lot younger at 51 than the 31 I was when we suffered at EPB.