Why Commercials with Dogs Score Big With Me – And How They Can Do Better

Today’s guest post is by Chris “RepMan, Jr.” Cody.

Mickens and Rooney are two of my best friends.  And, as I’m sure you guessed by the title, they are both dogs.   I love dogs.  All dogs. Andy Rooney (the television personality we named our German Shepherd after) once quipped, “The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”  There is much truth in that and the new Subaru ads are demonstrating the potential of commercials with dogs.

Two recent examples will suffice.  The first features a dog family at a stop sign.  A female dog walks in front of the Subaru and as the male dog checks out the female, his dog wife growls at him.  It’s hilarious because it’s a familiar situation to many couples.

The second example also features a dog couple.  The two are sitting in a Subaru outback and are passionately kissing.  Then the light switches on and the father of the female dog barks a warning to stay away from his daughter.

These commercials are great, but what would make them truly breakthrough would be a partnership between Subaru and a national rescue center. I’ll bet the YouTube video spreadability would expand faster than Mick and Rooney chomping down on a fresh supply of Milkbones.

So, how about it, Subaru? You’ve got the right idea, and you’ve stopped dog lovers like me in my tracks BUT you have failed to make me love what you’re doing because you haven’t made me feel for the dogs themselves. Bad, Subaru! Bad auto maker! Now, pick up the phone. That’s right, boy. Pick up the phone and call the ASPCA. Tell them you want rescue dogs for a casting call. Good. Now, here’s one of Mick’s extra Milkbones. Good car company. Good company.

5 thoughts on “Why Commercials with Dogs Score Big With Me – And How They Can Do Better

  1. Simply brilliant on Subaru’s part. I watched ALL their commercials on YouTube, one more endearing than the last. But, you are spot on Chris, they are sitting on a CSR goldmine. There are more and more animal rescue and wellness groups than ever, and of course companies that market to pet owners, such as Pedigree dog food, and PetSmart are all over helping these groups. But what an opportunity for a car manufacturer! If they don’t expand this, they’ll be in the doghouse for sure.

  2. Dandy: Thanks so much for the comments! Couldn’t agree more that this is a golden opportunity for some old fashioned CSR.

    Cat: Thank you!

    Julie: Commercials with all animals are great!

    Steve: Good joke.

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