Commercials That Connect with Millennials

The following guest blog comes from one of my two favorite Millennials in the world, Catharine Cody. Comments welcomed from Millennials and non-Millennials alike.

While relaxing on my couch this past weekend watching “Parks and Recreation”, a commercial for Miller light came on the tube. I usually just fast-forward my way through commercials but, for some reason, I let this one play. It immediately grabbed me and held me tight. And, I can honestly say, the Miller Light spot is now one of my favorite commercials – along with the ones from Mentos and State Farm.

The ad resonated with me because it made clear the brand understood Millennials in general, and me in particular.

It informed viewers that Miller was the very first beer company to offer light beer options. (Commercial from 1978 with George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin below.) Light beer, in turn, led to thinner men, which led to more relationships which, eventually, led to you and me (assuming you’re a Millennial like me).

The Miller commercial not only tugs at the heartstrings by reminding youngish beer-drinking consumers about their parents’ lives, it also speaks directly to us.  And, that’s what makes it so appealing. In fact, at the end of the spot, when a voiceover says, “…which led to you,” the actors look directly into the camera and, essentially, talk to us (and not at us).  And, trust me, Millennials are tired of being spoken at by marketers.

So, let’s lift a glass to Miller Light for truly understanding their customers’ hearts and minds. As a Millennial, I can tell you, we love retro commercials almost as much as we love a cool glass of beer.

3 thoughts on “Commercials That Connect with Millennials

  1. Thanks for the comments, both! Clayton: You’re right, we do love sarcasm 🙂 And, Peter, I’ll be reciting the new Miller Lite commercial for years to come!